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Begrudgingly wanting to upgrade

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by AmazingBC, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Go for it!

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  2. Don't Change.

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  1. Hello,

    To all the people who told me I'd want a bigger/faster/shinier bike, you were right! The urge for another bike has hit me way to soon and way to fast. Having only got my licence and my bike in August of last year I've only been on the road a couple of months but I feel I'm out growing my bike already. This "riding" thing has turned out to be very addictive.

    Bike in question - CB300FA 2015


    I commute on her daily and have had a blast every day since, even installed a Yoshi pipe for fun since taking this picture. I know I'm going to eventually get another bike it's not if just a matter of when. I'm still in Lams for another 2 1/2 years so the prospect of different bikes is still fairly small but with bikes like the MT-07 hitting the streets the temptation has only become stronger.

    I'm only getting more and more comfortable with my current bike, riding it to and from work and on weekends for fun and I feel like filling the "Perfect Bike" hole is going to be around forever but can be fit better with something else. With that being said I don't regret getting my current bike, If I tried to learn how to ride on a 600cc I'm sure I would have been waist deep in a picket fence a long time ago.

    The Question I guess I've come to have answered for me Is this.

    Do I keep my current bike for the length of my LAMS restrictions then go for something unrestricted after and suppress the feelings I'm having deep down inside.


    Do I sell my current bike while theres still value and buy a beast like the MT-07 Giving into the dark side and completing some kind of Motorcycle prophecy.


    Is changing bikes all that its cracked up to be? or do I have my head in the clouds?
  2. Lol, go test ride one (and others) to check your proposition! Have fun...
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  3. If you can afford it and it feels good on test ride why not.
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  4. Getting a bike with more grunt is the logical step...

    Go for a test ride first..

    And Nike
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  5. 2.5 years is an awful lot of time... As above. If money is not an issue, go and test ride the MT and few other bikes (there's plenty of fish in a tank). But I can tell you this... If the MT is for you, it'll keep you grinning for a loooong time!
  6. Thought about doing a riding course? When you're learning to ride you tend to plateau (many times!) and often need something to kick you up to the next level. A new bike may not be the answer and you could end up doing the same things on a more expensive bike.
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  7. Test ride and change up. However the real difference will only occur after LAMS restrictions are gone. So you are stuck with that for 2.5 years.
    For styling and newness, the MT07 or Street Triple 660 can't be beat, for practicality, the CB400 and GS500 will be cheaper. I'm sure you have checked the VicRoads LAMS bikes. Bigger bikes will be heavier.
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  8. Well just a progress update, I've found potential buyers for the CB and been giving Yamaha a call almost once a week for a test ride. Turns out the bike is so popular that Yamaha don't know when the next shipment is in so ive been put on a waitlist to get a test ride on the thing.

    I think once I ride it'll be a no brainer.
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  9. Devil's advocate - you could keep the CB and really learn to ride it before progressing to the next stage. I just ask the question: have you learned how to extract the best from what you've already got, before moving on up?
    Don't get me wrong, it doesn't have to be for 2.5 years.
  10. I do like a little devils advocate. How do I know that I've really learned how to ride it? The only experence i've had outside of this bike is the 250's and 125's they let you ride at Honda Hart. Is slow riding the best way to judge or taking corners in the wet or twistys out near the ranges? I guess thats a lot of questions to answer but the real one being, Whats the best way to mesure my progress on the only bike i've ever really been on?
  11. How's your cornering in the twisties for a start? Are you catching up to riders on bigger bikes in the corners (or at least maintaining your position) but they're leaving you behind in the straights? Maybe ready for a bigger bike.

    But if you're flat out on straights and slow in corners, there's still plenty to learn, you won't get quicker in the corners (much) simply by adding engine capacity.

    I bet there's a bunch of 250 riders who can kick my ass in corners. And I've been riding for the better part of 2 decades...and can ride pretty well, so it's all relative.

    Maybe ride with a few experienced riders for a day and ask for an honest assessment?
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  12. The best thing to do is to come around to the Saturday practice and go on a few NR rides...
  13. I agree with the others, pay for a riding course and you will find out. I'm not sure comparing yourself to other riders on the road is a good indicator. But then I think everyone on a bike thinks they are better than they really are (including me). Best to have someone with a bit of knowledge appraise skills.

    You can get an Mt-07. But tbh, you are just going to be in the same position again in the not so distant future.

    But of course, you can do both!
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  14. Great answer from Chillibutton. I would add, don't go out on a mission to round up other riders, but if you find yourself keeping up or closing on others in the corners - without trying hard - then you're probably about there.
  15. Yes exactly what I meant - I read my post again this morning and thought "shit hope he's not going to go out there and try race everyone to make a point"!