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Beginners Ride - Northern Suburbs , Melbourne

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Phillip, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Hi Biking world,

    I'm new in the biking world and wanting to get some advice on beginner rides in the northern suburbs of melbourne. Looking at about a 1 - 2 hour ride and would be great to get some feedback off riders who know of any good rides in the area.
    Search engine is great, but its alway better with the one-on-one feedback offered on this forum. . .

    Much appreciated

    Safe Riding

    Cheers Phillip[/b]

  2. Best thing you can do is to head to the thursday night rides. I know they are not in the northern suburbs, but if you come down, I am sure someone will ride slowly with you and give you a few tips if you need.
  3. ^^^ :LOL:

    Shoot me a pm Phillip and I'll take you for a ride one on one if you like before you attempt the mystery ride...
  4. Happy to go for a cruise with you. I usually go riding up past Whittlesea and around Kinglake so could head that way for a while before heading back. Nothing difficult or fast.
  5. Hi Phillip,
    you are ideally situated in your location for a good, easy ride:

    Head out Plenty Road as far as Whittlelsea, take the RH bend in the main road that takes you close to the middle of town, continue straight on at the roundabout towards Kinglake. That's the hard part :grin:
    straight on out of Whittlesea and the road leads into a nice set of gentle sweepers leading up to Kinglake West. Basically, just follow this road towards Yea (no turns). The descent to Flowerdale is a little more windy but nothing frightening. You could turn around here and go back, or continue on all the way to Yea, then back.
    There are also a number of variations on this ride once you get to know it.

    That should do ya. One day I'll get some time to take a beginners ride out that way (maybe a month or two).
  6. Whats it like out the back of Yan Yean and Doreen?

    This used to be a good run although 10 years gos so fast :eek:
    Google Map
  7. I'd be up for a run through my old stamping ground if this ever gets up. :)
  8. If you go for a ride up there I'd be keen to tag along too!
  9. :biker: Cheers

    2wheelsagain and Dice, hope we can organise something in the near future, once the weather settles. I'll shoot some pm's across soon. . . . .

    Safe Riding

    Cheers Phillip
  10. I have organised a few rides out that way before the colder weather hit. I'll probably do some more once the weather starts to improve again.
  11. :grin: Sounds great greybm. Sundays are good for me, can help out with tail end charlie if that helps :wink:
  12. Anybody interested in a ride tomorrow, (Sunday 13th July)
    Starting Whittlesea at 10:30, following this route or there abouts. :)

    Forecast for Sunday
    A fine day, although partly cloudy. Fresh to strong and gusty northerly wind
    easing a little later.

    Precis: Fine.
    City: Min 9 Max 14

    Go on you know you want to. :)
  13. Damn. Wish I didnt have a 2hr + ride to get there :(
  14. Going to organise an overnighter in Gippsland for August I think 2wheelsagain. Probably staying here overnight. Hope you can come to that one. :)
  15. Cool mate.

    I miss the riding north of Melb though :(
  16. :)

    I have posted this as a late notice ride HERE
  17. hey mate, im over in macleod, near heidelberg, im up for a ride most of the time, and actually enjoy kicking it with the less experienced guys and helping.

    Let us know when the next one is!
  18. Gone out that way in the car and bike a few times, really nice.. although some of the road through nutfield, bit scarey on the bike... Pretty often you'll get 4wd's taking up all the road.