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Beginners maintenance course

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by nickt, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I just got back from the beginners maintenance course at Sydney City Motorcycles in Lane Cove. Just thought i'd write a little about it if anyone was thinking of doing it. It was split up into 4 sections to teach you about how to maintain your bike if you're new to it all (like me!), and a little on what they do when you bring the bike in for a service.

    There were 4 stations which you rotate around, with about 3-4 people in each group:

    * The first guy taught us how to adjust tension/clean/lubricate your chain, how to check your brake wear, tyre wear + pressures. All useful stuff.
    * The second guy went through a bit about suspension and how it works, how to adjust it (i'm so never ever touching mine..) and the difference between dirt/road bikes.
    * Third guy gave us a run through what we should check and all the minor adjustments you can make on a bike. Adjusting both your hand and foot clutch/brake levers. Also, how to check your oil and levels/coolant and where your battery is and how to charge it if required.
    * Finally the last guy showed us under the hood, where the spark plugs are, those flappy things which let air in.. and how they monitor all that computer stuff which makes the bike go (i'm so technical with my descriptions :p ) Oh, and to never ever use optimax in a bike!

    All in all I'd highly recommend it for a newbie, I learned heaps and met some nice people. *wave to the guy I told to come check out this forum*. Out of my little group of 4, 3 of us had CBR125's! seems to be such a popular bike. :grin:


  2. Great work. Good to see someone without the knowledge go and seek it. Big ups to you.

  3. sounds like a good course. I've been looking for a bike maintenance course to do at some stage. Any idea on how often they run them or when the next one may be?
  4. They seem to be every 2 months, so might take a little while before another is held. You can give them a call at (02) 9418 3000 and they'll be happy to let you know when the next one is. They send out an email to confirm your booking for the night when it's close to being held again. :)
  5. why can't we have that kind of course here in melbourne, We have a bold dude that talks about how the engine was invented by some wanker in the 1900's lol, not once does he teach you anything of worth unless you ask him 2.

    You do learn a few basic things why spark plugs spark, how the enigne makes torque & some other worthless bs, that has nothing to do with maintaining a motorbike
  6. thanks nickt, I'll be sure to give them a call
  7. filo
    we did sort of at the mentor ride at yarra bvd recently.
    if there is some interest happy to organise a workshop to help out riders in melb re basic maintance etc.
    would have to be a sunday though.
    mmm... beer BBQ and pulling bikes apart havn't done that in nearly 2 weeks!! sounds like fun :grin:
  8. sounds like an awesome idea, i'll bring some sausages :D. could you pm me if you decided to organize anything i'll try to free some time.
  9. i will filo.
    might put in the ride planner see if there is more interest and go from there. if there is not much interest still happy to help you out
  10. Sounds like the guy I had at a local TAFE not long ago :mad: I complained & got a full refund so it was only a waste of my time & not my $ :)

    Is what you are thinking about is something like this?

    I'd be in this for sure.
  11. re OP. walked through the workshop about 7:00, i went there to look at some boots. looked pretty good

  12. yah the only thing is it's not in Melbourne :(, Gipsland is way to far away. Plus i just got pulled over for not driving an unregistered $%^ WTF, Stupid ass redwing honda never replaced my stinkers.
  13. Well that one did happen in Gippsland but maybe something similar could happen in Melbourne. I'd be happy to learn anything about my bike. Had to make a phone call last week to locate idle screw.....pic in service manual was great but did not have enough description or surrounding bits for me to figure out what I was looking for....I was looking on wrong side of the bike! :oops:

    Not good, did you cop a fine?
  14. If there are plans to do a basics run thru in Melb I'd be interested too.

    Be nice to get a few hours in the big city.