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Beginner Q: getting your bike to the track?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by blacknblue, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Hi All :)

    Posting this "track" Q here, because I am a novice/beginner rider still, and I thought the topic might also be of interest to other beginner riders with "track" at the back of their minds for future reference :)

    Even though I'm a novice, am keen to have a go at a track day (Easter Monday perhaps at PI) so did a search (before asking lots of Q's that have already been answered) and found the relevant thread:


    ... and, also read the info on the PI website about the do's and don't's with gear and bikes, and their "fine print" etc

    One Q I have which wasn't covered in the thread ... what do most people do with getting their bike to the track: trailer or ute their bike to PI, or just ride it there, do the track day, ride home again??

    Will be a Provisional rider by Easter (positive thinking! :p) and I'm thinking not everyone has the "luxury" of ute/trailer (I don't), so am curious about this aspect ... or is it really too much to expect to ride there, do the day and ride home?

    Sage wisdom from the wise appreciated in advance :grin:

    Thanks y'all :grin:
  2. do what ever u want :LOL: ute .trailer might be the best . cause u could smash bike on track . then be stuck there :shock:
  3. Having never done a track day (although I would love too!) I may not be the best person to answer, but here's what's running through my head (yes I'm bored :LOL: )
    Taking a ute or trailer (you can always rent) would be the best way obviously, that way you get to PI nice 'n fresh. And obviously if you were unlucky and came off, you wouldn't have to worry riding a banged bike home.
    On the flip side, I'd image lots of people ride their own machines to the track. How far away from PI do you live? If you took it easy on the track and don't exhaust yourself, riding home won't be a worry (and I imagine they have facilities to shower and freshen up after you finish on the track). And probably a good idea to have someone on standby to pick you up in case you say hello to the speed traps.
  4. I always trailer my bike to the track, but my nearest track is 100km's away.

    A few people ride there but most use trailers or utes.

    If its your first track day you should be fine to ride there, as long as its not a huge distance, just make sure if you ride there you have to remember that you also have to ride home.

    So take it easy, dont try and break lap records and probably a good idea not to time yourself, forget about getting knee down and all the other things, just enjoy the day and come out the other side in one piece.
  5. After doing a track day I tend to find that I'm just about exhausted, it is bloody hard work!

    The first time I went I rode, every time since I've trailered my bike.
  6. I don't have access to a trailer or ute, so I tend to ride there and back. Perhaps even ride up the night before and stay in a hotel, depends on the funds.
  7. Thanks all for your tips and wisdom :)

    In the back of my mind, I had thought I'd ride over but as PI is a fair distance from where I live, an overnighter is sound advice!

    Won't be trying to oust Casey Stoner's track record any time soon (hahahahahaaa, as if!) but do want to get the most out of the day ... don't worry fellas, this doesn't include going so far beyond my skill level that I "say hello to the speed traps" :wink:

    However, one thing I'm really wanting to get out of the day is, greater cornering confidence, in a car free safe environment :grin:
  8. I reckon it would be really good for your confidence.

    After my first trackday I actually started trusting my tyres to do what they were meant to do.
  9. There's lots of things that are nice to have that you can't take if you just ride there. A couple of chairs, extra fuel, an esky, tools and spares, a fan, race stands etc etc.
  10. Whaddabout a BBQ? Or a lawnmower? :LOL:

    This is what I'm thinking too ... currently doing ohh-kay with corners (don't corners feel great though when you get'm right? :grin: ) but there's always the worry of oncoming traffic if ya mess it up, even just in suburban streets ... yup, I'm cautious :oops: and I need to learn to trust my tyres as well :p
  11. Track days really take it out of you, especially your first. You'll be mega tired out towards the end of the day, so a long ride back is definitely not advisable.

    I just ride there, tape the mirrors, change tyre pressures and go straight on the track. But EC is only an hour away for me.
  12. I rode there also. But had someone else drive there to carry fuel, water, food etc. Should you have the misforune of crashing, you can always call a bike pick up service or ask someone there nicely if they have extra room in their trailer :)

    I didn't end up running that last session (6 sessions in all) because I knew I was too tired and it would be just silly to run the session for the sake of running it.

    Make sure you warm your tyres, and if its your first time, just take it easy. Dont worry about what others think and take it at your own pace. It;s a track day, not a race day.

    More importantly... have fun!
  13. What do you blokes reckon about a learning day?

    I'm doing corner school at EC and was either going to ride there in the morning or stay in the hotel near there overnight.

    Reckon it's worth renting a trailer for it? I was just going to carry a few litres of fuel, some food, water and paperwork in the pack then take off my ventura rack when i arrived there and store it somewhere.

    Also whats the go on insurance for training days?
  14. You can hire a bike trailer that holds two bikes from Kennards for about $44/24hrs.
  15. if ya dont have a ute/trailer, which is best for carrying all your gear.

    and you dont plan on doing any serious work on the bike at the track

    just ride the **** there, take off your mirrors and blinkers and start cutting laps. ive done it a few times and had no probs
  16. Get back to me after you've worked it out for yourself then.