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Beginner in Sydney from the old dart

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by logictom, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. Hi All,
    I have just booked myself on to the pre learner course (HART St Ives) in three weeks time, looking forward to it!

    I started thinking about learning to ride a couple of years ago, back home, when working with a couple of guys that were into old British bikes but the weather up north always put a bit of a dampener on moving forward.
    Since moving to sunny old Oz I started thinking about riding again so I got a friend at work to give me a spin around the car park to see whether I liked it or not. Booked the course the next day :)

    I don't know much about bikes and I'm not that mechanically savvy so will be reading up on all I can. Bike wise I think something along the likes of the CBF250 I rode around the carpark, but I need to have a look round - leaning towards either upright or cruiser positioning.

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  2. Welcome old chap, enjoy the course and stay upright... I'd bypass the 250 myself and get a gs500 for the same sort of money
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  3. G'day TomTom, welcome to Netrider. Good luck with your pre-Learner course and the search for the right bike. No doubt the milder Sydney climate will be better for year-round riding.
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  4. gday Tom and welcome to NR and also welcome back to riding!
  5. Welcome Tom.

    Aye the north of the british isles doesn't exactly encourage motorbike riding. ;)

    Dunno where abouts you are in Sydney, but, if Beecroft is within cooee of where you are, I'd be happy to help you out in terms of looking at bikes, gear and discussing the pre-learners with you....... if you have time during the week.
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  6. Welcome mate :cool:
  7. Welcome :)
  8. welcome aboard :)
  9. Welcome to NR logictomlogictom . Pop over to Homebush for the Saturday learner sessions once you have your Ls and a bike
  10. Hey there pal, welcome to NR.
  11. Welcome and good luck with the course!

    Re: your choice of bike, at the lower ccs I found that the sportsbike positions aren't all that different to an upright / naked bike (although they obviously are to a cruiser). I was initially looking for an upright / naked bike but ended up with a 'sportsbike' (CBR300RA), but not one that is really designed to have you leaning a long way forward. So if you're considering the lower cc upright bike might also be worth hoping on a few sportsbikes and seeing how they feel.

  12. Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

    Thanks for the offer, I'm not far down the road from you, Kellyville, but work keeps me busy through the week. Not sure what's around but I might be able to pop out for a couple of hours one day through the week.

    I've seen the posting for Homebush on Saturday's, I'll be sure to make my way down once I've some wheels!

    Thanks guys, I will definitely have to get on some different style bikes and try them out. As I said, I've only been on the one so there's not much to go by so I think it will be worth my time to try out as many as I can before committing.

    I was thinking of starting off on something cheap and cheerful as I'm not sure how long we are planning on staying in Oz, at the moment there's no return date but the other half may change that, so with that it mind I didn't want to plough a lot of money into a bike to be selling it on pretty soon after. I'm happy to go all out on the other gear as that would fit a little easier into the suitcase ;)
  13. Hi there,
    I did my pre learner course a month ago at HART St Ives! The instructors there are really nice (I've got various courses/lessons with at least 4 different guys there) and enjoyed the whole experience. If you haven't got much experience I would also recommend to do their Confidence and skills course a little while after. As dale25 I also got a CBR300RA (but my one is red! I've been told that it makes them go faster ;)) and I agree that it is not a very strong "sportsbike" position. However, despite the fact I love my bike and that I do not have a very extensive riding experience... if I had to do it again, I'd look for a cheap light naked second hand bike to start off and learn the ropes. Then you can resell that fairly easily and get one that you will not be scared to scratch or destroy in the event of a drop (not that I would have any idea of who could have dropped a bike at a standstill while tuning into the HART training centre...o_O)...
    Much better indeed to get some good gears from the start, I got my helmet before the course and I am so glad...
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  14. Hi guys,
    Just a quick update. Went along for the prelearners last weekend and everything went well - I didn't mention in my earlier post but I did manage to convince my partner in crime to come along as she has been going on about getting a Vespa for a few years. I told her she should try it out to see whether she actually likes it/can get the hang of it and then go from there - suffice to say she's already sent out a few inquires for a couple second hand Vespas for sale locally :)
    I went to book the driver knowledge test when we got back but all but one spot was booked up for last week so we are booked in for Tuesday coming.
    I've been looking online for a cheapy second hand bike to start on before I decide to put down any serious money, also going to try take a look around some dealers just to have a look and feel - presumably I'll need that bit of plastic before they'll let me anywhere near them otherwise :)
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