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beginner friendly twisties??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tack, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. I was wondering if there are any twisties in the sort of south eastern/eastern (maybe even North Eastern) area (or country area even)that a beginner rider can do that's not to far away and not too difficult or long. Somewhere where a beginner can go to just slowly build up his/her riding skills. Maybe one without houses along it (or a least only a few), plus a reasonably good road surface as well and no tricky off camber corners.

    I guess that this type of road may not exist but I thought it was worth an ask. Or is a road with these sort of qualities a well kept secret. :D

    Someone was telling me at the learner day about a nice piece of road along the boulevarde but it's only 50k/h, has a fair bit of traffic and apparently is patroled by police.
  2. Mt Dandenong is a good place to ride. Down Mountain Hwy, and along mt dandenong tourist rd (south end). At some sections just have to look out for driveways.
  3. Christmas Hills
  4. I had the same bike on my L'S.
    A good Rd with just the right amount of
    twisties is from Beaconsfield which is just through
    Berwick,left at pub in Beaconsfield and follow Rd
    straight up to Emerald. Have a coffee.
    Not a lot of police that I know of, 100k/h limits in some
    places. would be glad to go for a ride sometime to show u :twisted:
  5. Thanks guys, these are pretty good roads to look at...I might just ride all of them!
  6. Go to Park Rd in Mitcham, start at Mitcham & Park Rd head to Ringwood! Very good twistie road nice view! Not many car around.

    Everytime I ride to Ringwood from Doncaster I will go on Park Rd.


  7. Good to get up from FurtuneGully Rd and Down hill to Lilydale. That's more safe if you never ride up on mountain.

  8. Tack I'm on holidays atm, give me a buzz if you want someone with more experience to ride with. I've been through Christmas Hills a million times, and now the area pretty well.

    I don't ride fast, trust me. All the group rides I've been on I usually arrive 2nd last, just ahead of the tail-end charlie...just ahead. :wink:
  9. As long as you take it easy through the rough section, try this, Its quite handy as a short 'on the way home ride' (depending on where you live.)
  10. Whittlesea to Flowerdale is a pretty cruisy run as well, although might be a bit far away for you.
  11. i cut my teeth around the gembrook area, most of the roads there are pretty forgiving. plenty of 80-100 zones and not too much traffic but enuff to make you feel safe that you'll be found if you come off. there are a few houses and side streets around but you'll find that most of them have a decent view so you wont get cut off like up at mt dandenong. i used to do the emerald to pakenham run all the time, theres a decent amount of corners and most of them you can see all the way through so you dont get any suprises. only thing thats a worry at times is the surface, i dont notice it now, but on my first weekend on the bike i found it a bit shaky. some of the corners will have ripples around the inside and/or outside from all the trucks :?
  12. Hi, I like Old Healesville Hwy...from Yarra Glen to Healesville.

    Speed 100km/h......sweepers...nice scenery.....little cars and no houses.....but the road surface I thought was so so....I also don't like the fact that where the bitumen meets the the grass, there's a drop of couple of inches...... :?

    Did it last weekend.