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Before you ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. This morning as I rolled out to head to work, I found myself playing a mental movie of the route I was going to travel. I have a dangerous roundabout at the end of my street, and four more before I reach the bottom on Macquarie Pass, and although I've possibly been doing this all along, this morning I was very conscious of the hazards of each of these places, and was visualising them before I got to them.

    No big deal, I guess, but I just thought I'd share it :).

  2. I visualise whether I'd prefer a double espresso or a double shot flat white. The espresso usually wins.
  3. You can buy a double espresso in Albury? My, my, the place has shot ahead since I was there in the early 70s :p :LOL:.
  4. I don't commute, only ride weekends. I never plan a ride, just see where I'll end up and my rides are waaay too long to visualize. Don't see the point of it, I think it's more important to just pay attentention and there's not more you can do.

    Maybe even thinking about a 'scary' roundabout beforehand only makes it more difficult to take. :?:
  5. Do you visualise and acco? Might be able to avoid them if i could... might start... :grin:
  6. Oh we're very cosmopolitan here on the Murray these days. :LOL:

    Albury has the bulk of the good food and entertainment, Wodonga has factories and awfully planned suburbs. It's a great deal if you're on the North side of the river.
  7. I visualise p0rn when I don't have any p0rn. :LOL: lol
  8. I visualise the clock ticking over to 4.59pm so I can get teh F%CK out of here.
  9. lol, thats so true, you try and think back to the best p0rn you've found but when you need it, your mind can only recall the mediocre shit. :)
  10. double post
  11. too much info yeah? hahaha
  12. As I left for work this morning, I visualised the young girl down the end of my street that gets changed in front of her window, with the curtains open.

    If you set your watch properly, you get a free show every day!
  13. sif not take a video camera.
  14. Whats the saying, "Never let a bike take you your brain hasn't gone 5 seconds before."?

    Does visualising really help?
  15. Your engine will cut out before you leave your driveway because you were thinking about a roundabout and forgot to put your stand up instead :wink:
  16. I knew I was going to have an accident as soon as I got on my bike. 5 minutes day I was down.

    Don't ride when you're stressed. :grin: