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Before its a flat cat!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Have a big fugging problem with some bloated p*ss bag of a cat that decides the only place to vent its bladder, is on the rear wheel of my R1! :furious:

    Have tried cleaning and spraying the area around the bike with different compounds to see if it will itself p*ss off, but to no avail!!

    The cleaning is not so much the issue as my race stand and small portion of the rear disc looks corroded.

    Any suggestions rather than a cricket bat!? :nail:
  2. RSPCA, just say its a stray.. :p
  3. Some weird cat you've got there; cats tend to unrinate on the ground and try and cover it up. Dogs are the vertical-object-irrigators.

    Either way, sprinkle pepper around the area; both animals sniff the area before relieving themselves.
  4. Is it a Honda cat? :LOL:
  5. use some nil odour. small bottle found in the supermarket.
    it is very strong so go easy on it.
  6. Do you not have male cats Paul?

    Tomcats will spray objects to mark their territory. Unfortunately, if you attempt to clean it up and there is even a hint of the original smell left they will return to reapply. It is practically impossible to clean it completely (especially on something like a tyre) and applying citronella to the area to try to repel the cat won't be doing any favours to your handling (do not try) or your braking (again, do not try)

    Sounds like a stray, notify the council. Even if it does have an owner, the council usually has some regs about cats that aren't desexed being allowed to wander (sprayers are usually whole cats or ones that were desexed too late). A fine might make the owners a little more responsible.
  7. get a dog
  8. You could also try putting foil wrap around the area where they urinate for a couple of days. Doesn't have cover a large area just maybe the area around your tyres. Cats hate walking on foil thus if they don't walk there, they won't pee there. Plus it's a cheap and effective solution.....

    Thats how i trained mine to stay away from the couch.... :cool:
  9. I have the same problem. I park my bike in a small (1m wide) alley behind my house and this fooker of a cat keeps spraying my rear wheel, wheel lock, chain, rear disk, swingarm and it fking STINKS!

    I heard eucalyptus oil around the area does the trick, although I haven't tried it yet.
  10. a tin of cat food with a panadol that has been ground to a powder with mortar and pestle, stirred in till you cant see it, will make very short work of any cat.
    Their organs will clot and shut down, and the cat will stop pissing.
  11. Hook a small static electricity source up to the bike... :LOL:
  12. I had a similar problem with dogs . Dont know if it will work with a cat but you can try mixing some strong hot chilli paste and water into a spray bottle and spray on and around the target area .
  13. 9V battery with a camera flasher circuit

    Homemade Tazer :twisted:

    (and you don't have to stand midnight vigil with the cricket bat)

  14. Static electricity, bugger that go the whole hog & get a 240 volt system, if it will keep a 500kg cow in a paddock with one strand of wire it will sure as hell get rid of the cat!!!
  15. You can hire a cat/possum trap & catch it, then take it to the RSPCA. I would advise against poisoning it or torturing/electricuting it to death, because that'd just make you a sick & sad person.

    Or hire a cat/possum trap, catch it & then when you find it in the cage, spray it with enough water (from a hose) to absolutely freak it out (not to hurt it) and then let it go. You could also attach something to it (collar with a note!) to let the owners know that the cat is being a nuisance & that next time it'll go to the RSPCA fo'real.
  16. I walked out my front door about a month ago to see some guy with his dog on a lead , dog is pissing on my bike while man holds the lead waiting for it to finish. I was in shock, I was like, dude, waht the fu@k are you DOING!!?? he goes, oh sorry & walks off, i was oi you , your cleaning that off, chuck him a bucket , point to the tap & stood their watching him clean his animals piss off my machine. Unbelievable.

    I do have a bit of sympathy for animals that are just wandering around pissing though, they don't understand that its a crime to piss on a bike. I also happen to love cats & bought a kitten from teh RSPCA about 2-3 months ago, Frank he is called & he is a winner, it has been teh funniest time i've had in years watching him grow up . Also painful as he is a bit bitey-bitey. He loves getting into my tankbag & helmet & I reckon if the girl hadnt banned it he would have been keen to ride in teh tankbag with just his little head sticking out. I could go on but I won't.

    Cats that have been desexed can still spray, though usually not as often, so don't assume its a stray or belongs to an evil non desexer.
  17. My issue is that I have my bike in an underground park (with security bars not a fence) and I leave it secured sometimes for weeks on end. This means that the level of fith from p*ss is severe. I am frustrated cleaning this up and it soiling my ride! :evil:

    I too like animals, but roaming pets / animals that attack or wildlife and do things as above start to fall under the category of pest / vermin.

    I am all for trying passive measures to deter the animal, and don't to trap or harm it, so was looking for deterant category measures.

    Might try the foil trick etc. and see how that goes.

    Another has been suggested here at work to place a cpl of shallow baking trays with an inch of water on each side of the tyre so there is no approach and it will abandon the site !?

    We shall see.
  18. I have had the same problem - I have a carport and have had tom cats take particular pleasure in pissing on the front wheel of my bike - sometimes elsewhere in the carport, but this appears to be their public urinal of preference for some reason.

    So what did I do?

    Pulled my hair out for a while and started investigating a solution. Firstly I was just washing it every time I saw it. Big mistake as they would then piss on it multiple times a day/night. (Rusts the discs by the way!!)

    Chased the cats away any time I saw them near...but I couldn't keep watch constantly so that was no good.

    Tried a cat repellent spray - which I had some success with, but as it was an open area it didn't remain effective for very long.

    Bought some mousetraps, and set them around the bike - UPSIDE DOWN - so that if the cat came near and stepped on them, they would flip up into the air and frighten it.

    Ok so the results - chasing the cat away does no good because then they associate danger in the area only if they see me around and won't stop them coming back while I'm asleep. Cat repellent - some effectiveness, but doesn't last too long and you need to keep reapplying it...you have to spray it on the ground around it and on the bike, and it stinks almost as bad as the cat piss. Mousetraps - yes they were set off over a few nights and I don't seem to have any further problems! The theory is that having been frightened away without any human interference the cats associate the area as not somewhere they want to claim as their territory.
  19. Not a solution to getting rid of the cat, but perhaps in the interim, get yourself a bike cover? Only about $30, make sure it's waterproof and then the cat piss will hit the bike cover and not your bike! At least it will stop rusting of the discs etc, it will also keep dust and other crap off the bike when it's stored.
  20. Mine was in a cover, it left the bottom half of the wheel exposed, cat still pissed on it, and the cover, it still stunk to hell and back, and I didn't like a cat piss covered bike cover any more than a cat piss covered bike :LOL: