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BEFORE I joined NetRider, I used to...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by carolf_au, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. ...surf E-Bay, looking for stuff to buy and work out if what I've hidden at Mum and Dad's is worth a few quid...

    ...surf TV.com to find out what is happening on Desperate Housewives and ER before everyone else does...

    Go on, admit you did have another life before NetRider, but now you're addicted!!!

  2. I was a playstation addict before NR.. Would sit for hours and play online games, especially V8 Supercars.. I have a frame i bought with the seat and the steering wheel and pedals attach to it.. Yes i am a big kid.. :grin:
  3. ride my bike. (as now its broken and i spend 24/7 on NR)
  4. Hey, Z, how's the logo going?

    I used to do the housework this late at night, now I just look at it!! Maybe I could give little Geepy a polish...

    Before Netrider... I thought a Black Spur was something on a Cowboy Boot, and Pazzo Levers were just expensive bling...
  5. Before I joined nr, I played minesweeper all night
  6. Oh, man, get vista, there are way cooler games now - try InkBall!!
  7. Before I joined I would train at the gym and rebuild race engines in the workshop.
  8. Carol, there is one on my vista called purble place. Weird spelling, so I will never even look at it.
  9. Purble Palace is a cake-decorating game!! My girls love it!!

    Top score on InkBall was 220 000+
  10. No Carol, I would rather build engines with Johnny O. He likes beer too
  11. This time last night I was out west, in a cute little shack on Jondaryan Woolshed, up the road from the Jodaryan Hotel, where they roll the Fourex Stubbies in newspaper so they stay cold!!

    (It's in the country, don't think they've seen a wetsuit let alone a stubby cooler made of the stuff)
  12. Could be worse, you could be at Bathurst, on Mt bogan talking holdiefordie ad nausiem
  13. And next weekend when the family and I are at Shooters Camp, all the rednecks will be saying the same thing about the GP - till Husband gets out his blinged Walther P22 (James Bond uses one!), and they remember that he rides a Blackbird, and can shoot straighter than all of them!!!
  14. Bring your family to the GP instead. You might just have a bit more fun than minesweeper.
  15. Brisbane's a long way from the Island!! and by the sounds of it, about the only place I could find accommodation would be Sunbury!
    But you lot, go and have fun, enjoy yourselves!!! Rub it in next week that you were at the GP while the rest of us had to watch it on TV!! :LOL:
  16. Have 2 125 gp riders staying, so it will be racing racing racing and then perhaps racing. Can't wait,and won't rub it in.
  17. Mmm, you win!!!
  18. Watch on tv maybe, in the aussie 125gp support race. Peter Scott and Paul Klienberg.
  19. BEFORE I joined NetRider, I used to...

    ...spend a lot of time chatting on another forum, but it's US-based, so it was hard to organise a group ride! :wink:

    ...get a lot more work done! :grin: