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Before I die, I wanna...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by boo, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. They say we’re living longer, building taller buildings, working longer hours & all that stuff. I’m sure many of you have read or passed on that inspiring spam…
    It’s October & the shocking realisation that another year is almost at an end, reiterates to me some real life priorities.

    So my question is this…
    What do you wanna do before you die?

    I mean dreams, hopes & aspirations. Positive things, not pay off the mortgage & crap like that.
    Some things I’d like to have experienced before I go:

    * See the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights http://www.geo.mtu.edu/weather/aurora/
    * Join the Great Australian Round Up for a week-Think City Slickers
    * Ride around NZ on Jett-my bike
    * Have a ride in a monster truck-Just for the fun factor
    * Visit Europe

    Anyone else?
    Anyone made “their†list happy & ticked a few boxes?
  2. Boo boo's bored ;)

    Write a book - preferably about inmates on death row
    Make my cafe/bookshop idea work :p
    Go to Scotland
    Bunjee jump (too scared to cuz of my knees)
    Sky dive
    I know you didn't wanna hear it...but not be in debt :p

    All I can think of right now...
  3. Attend a Mornington Coffee night :grin:
  4. If my memory serves me correctly .. it's now the "Main Ridge Coffee Night"! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: (but I get the gist) :wink:

    As of yesterday, (Wednesday), I'm finally back on the bike ... 9 weeks after heart bypass surgery .. woohoo!!

    Am now looking forward to getting along to a coffee night again.

    As for the original thread topic ... :

    Do an extended motorcycle tour of Australia, (either clockwise or anticlockwise, over a 12 month period or more) :grin:


  5. I like your list, Boo!

    I've seen the northern lights - I was in Minnesota lying buck-naked in a paddock, drunk, with a local shoola I was rooting. It looked amazing - like the reflections of light you get on the ceiling of a swimming pool, but dancing on the night sky.
  6. Get over to Germany for Wacken Open Air is high on the list...
  7. Do one 'look at me, I'm getting in everybody's way 'cos I'm slow' lap round the old Nurburgring.
  8. I want one of my site discussions "suggestions" taken up! :LOL:
  9. -See a cure for a condition that effects my life greatly.
    -See my son grow into a man and have the happiest most fulfilling life possible for him.
    -Break 1:50 at the Island (looooooooooooooong way to go)
    that's it off the top of my head, maybe.....

    ....be a millionaire!

    Then the list gets longer :wink:
  10. Achieve spiritual enlightenment. [-o<
    Visit Antartica.
    Do a ski season in French alps and the italian dolomites. :dance: Thats me skiing-with invisible stocks.
    Ride across Himalayas.
    Errrr-probably few more there, but that will do for now.
  11. Do You......... :grin:
  12. Did you get any cream for that?
  13. Hang Glide.
    Sail an Off Shore race
    Tour Morocco, Spain and Portugal
    Study Kendo in Japan
  14. Innteeerrresssttting topic. Interesting lists!


    skydiving - tick
    bungee jumping - tick
    flying an aeroplane - tick
    dive the barrier reef - tick
    get a motorcycle - tick
    travel eastern seaboard - tick
    tour tassie - tick
    Started exploring spiritual philosophy... - tick

    Some things I'd like to do before the end:
    - Become someone's soul mate and vice versa
    - Nurburg ring
    - Ride around Newzealand
    - Spend some time in Italy, Ireland (maybe), NASA, Monkey Miah
    - Hang glide
    - See the earth from the moon
    - Get my pilot's licence
    - Not stop exploring spiritual philosophy...
    ... and others...
  15. Get a pilots licence.
    Spend stupid amounts of money in a vegas spree.
    Convince Cadbury to bring back the milk chocolate Cherry Ripe.
    Visit that famous lake thing in Canada (most photographed place).
    Do a bobsled run (like cool runnings).
    Swim with Dolphins.
    GO TO AMSTERDAM :shock:

    ....... The list could get soooo long.
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  17. I already made mine come true last month

    Hold a fully grown tiger
  18. Assuming you're talking about the one in W.A., get there sooner rather than later. The way they're heading up there at the moment, you won't be able to get any closer than the top end of the beach watching the rangers. :cry: (Says me who went when I was a kid, and was one of 6 people in the water, and one of the 8 in total.. :cool: )
  19. OMG...that's high on my list also.

    Preferably a white tiger...or snow leaopard...but any big kitty'll do :grin:
  20. Someday before I die I also want to;

    *Have a child
    *Go to the outback
    *Kill a spider :p
    *See Antartica & polarbears