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Before GoPros there was..

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dsyfer, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I made this rig for a video assignment at art school about 12 years ago.

    Can hardly tell it's there. Did wonders for the neck not.

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  2. That's gold love the effort you went to:grin:, just shows you how far technology has come since then.
  3. Such an elegant solution.

    We have moved on haven't we, I'm just imagining a Discman strapped to the side of my helmet in place of my bluetooth unit :)
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    Ah duct-tape, is ther anything it can't do:)

  5. Have you seen the Mythbusters "Duct Tape Island" episode, where they were on an abandoned island with nothing but a pallet of duct tape to help them survive?
  6. is that blood on the table?
  7. An earlier version....love the occys.

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  8. Paint, but you can pretend it's blood.
  9. Is that the set up they used on "Any given Sunday?" I remember something of that scale being used...
  10. I assume the can is just a counter-weight?
  11. Maybe it's holding the battery?
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    Yes tone; classic Mythbusters