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Before Ewan & Charlie...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. These guys should go for a publication, theres a lot of info and experiences in there!

    Just read the first 3 pages while doing some boring work in the back ground.
  2. I wonder if that would be suitable for a retirement trip.

  3. Awesome find MV... i love Ewan and Charlie's trip but reading about a couple of Aussies doing it, (sans support vehicles!) is so much better!
  4. I remember reading the first stage of this in a two-wheels mag a while ago. I can't remember any follow up.

    There was another one about a couple on a cbx500 single following the silk road (from memory).
  5. Agreed, that would be a great read. Great photos too!
  6. Support vehicles

    Yeah, Ewan and Charlie. It must be a real adventure, knowing that there is a team of cooks, mechanics, doctor on hand, heaps of spares, and satelite phones ready to helicopter you out if you stub your toe going for a pee.

    Now a real challenge would be riding around the world on a second hand Yammy DT175 farm bike, while on the dole! :)
  7. I met one of the guys, Walter, a few of years after he did the trip. He was living in a flat in East St Kilda at the time. Very inspiring stuff. Had loads of pictures and stories to tell. Big set of balls. Even got the see the bike, which was looking rather ordinary and unspectacular given all the adventure it had been through.

    When I saw the Long Way 'Round series, I couldn't help but think back to these two guys and how they did it without any support teams to fall back on. Made it very hard for me to take the whole Charlie/Ewan thing seriously knowing how Walter/James kept it "real".
  8. Peter Thoeming and his mate Charlie Carter rode xl 250 Hondas from Oz to Ireland, about 30 years ago, with no back-up. Good Effort.
  9. thanks for the link i bookmarked it on my laptop...i will read it when work is slow.
  10. wow check out how much gear they have vs the long way rounds piss weak effort... support vehicles! pfft!

    awesome link :cool:
  11. I've got that Mondo Enduro book/dvd they mentioned as reference material coming my way. Sounds to be the 'original' Long Way Around - a bloody long way on a Suzuki DR350.
  12. my initial thoughts with the long way lot also, but you need to think of those shows as being more about the journey and the countries, than the means of transport.

    Also keep in mind they were filming a profession "documentary" and hand held videos just would not have cut it. Professional cameras and sound equipment, as well as back up equipment, in travel proof cases, take up a lot of room.

    So whilst I wouldn't do it that way myself, I also wouldn't be in a position to make a professional documentary.
  13. I reccon the old DR350 would be exactly the right bike to do serious international adventure touring on.

    A lot lighter than any of the twins or big singles. Much, much more reliable than any of the modern 450 singles. Simplicity of air cooled (less to go wrong). More grunt than the 250s. Less vibey than the big singles too.

    think about it, you need a bike that is capable of getting through sand and mud, be capable of holding a reasonable speed on highways, yet be capable of being ferried in a canoe if need be.

    It's a shame this bike isn't around any more. It may not be trendy, but it is probably the most realistic serious road/trail.
  14. good one. a lunch time read
  15. I wasn't refuting it as an option - it's just a long way on a relatively small bike (by western standards). There's probably Honda C50's going just as far all the time :p
  16. My dream is to do this sort of thing. Start in North America - Say West coast Canada, head all the way down to southern Argentina and then head back up through Brasil to New York or something. I just need another couple of years of saving, then a willing accomplice to take a year off and do it. Any takers? :grin: