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Before and After

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Here are the promised pictures of the Kawasaki superbike that I ma trying to restore.

    It began life as a 1977 Kawasaki 1000 and was progressively modified into a hom-made Prototype bike to compete in the Coca Cola 800km race at Oran Park in 1980. It was running in the top ten till the owner of the bike wore through the alternator cover and let the oil out. After sitting in the pits for an hour and a half while repairs were attempted, a spectator came and offered the alternator cover from his road bike. This was hastily fitted and the bike finished 13th on the road, but too many laps down to be considered an official finisher.

    Kent then raced it in various "C"C Grade events and the Canberra Road Closure meeting in March 1980 where it won the Unlimited "C" Grade race.

    The next meeting was Bathurst and Kent was running well in the Unlimited "C" Grade until an accident at Macphilamy Park put him out of the race, the bike in the bin and Kent in Bathurst Hospital with serious injuries.

    Kent did all the 'glass work himself and the things was fast but ugly. It had a braced frame and front forks, a Yoshimura 1150cc engine and was lightened as much as regulations would allow.

    After recovering from his injuries, Kent took the bike off the track and made it into a wicked road bike which he continued to use until 1988. The bike dropped a valve, fortunately without damaging the head or the piston and it was in disassembled condition that it was given to me to rescue it from a final trip to the tip.

    I HOPE one day to restore it as it's still a very fast bike and has a wonderful racing history that is firmly linked to the motorcycle club that I was a member of and the good mates that all pulled together to build the thing in the first place.

    The first shot is of the bike ready for the trip to Bathurst.The other three are what was left of it after it was flung into the fence at top whack at the top of the mountain (no sandtrap in 1980)

  2. looks fine, nothing a hammer, some duct tape and cable ties wouldn't fix :D
  3. The big before and after question would have to be,which way looks better, unless it is just the angle that it was taken, in that first pic it comes across as one weird looking bike.
  4. RC do you have a Pic of it as the wicked street bike?
  5. No mate, I wish I did. I think it was pretty much looking like an old Z1000, standard tank and seat, etc.
  6. edit: withdrawn, apologies
  7. Unkind!!!
  8. what are your plans for it RC, Race or Street?
  9. Too old and too untalented to race it I'm afraid. Probably a "take it out on the weekend" streetfighter.

    Wish I knew someone who's good at doing the engine, needs a new valve and careful re-assembly.
  10. How times change, though. Pretty much any street bike you can buy today has thicker and better front forks that this bike, which was ridden at speeds most bikes today will not see!!!