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Before and after of my pipes

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. These emit a wonderful sound.
    I'm VERY happy with this addition.


  2. Looking (& no doubt sounding) good. :LOL:

    What did you do to the oxygen sensor on the old pipe? Simple as disabling it? Or was more involved?
  3. New pipes look great :)
  4. no chippies in these baby's... still twin carb, hence no oxy sensor. Much easier to deal with I reckon! Far as I know, the only real 'sensor's in relation to exhaust/intake/fuel is the throttle position sensor on the carbs. Someone feel free to correct me!
  5. lower it!
  6. Already tried that see:


    That was in a lovely town called Robe.

    But i've decided it's low enough, any lower and there'd be no cornering to be had! :p pegs have taken a beating as is.
  7. Any chance of a sound/video file posted on youtube or photobucket?
    They look good.
  8. lol
    on a serious note, if you lover the rear end, the handling improves you sit in not on the bike. Just a suggestion, cos I know from experience
  9. spongsam.

    ya bike looks freaken tops mate! :grin:
    i am partial to any colour...as long as its black. :cool:
    seems like you are very happy with your new sound too.
    how was the ride to S.A ? (apart from the busted bag)

  10. ride to SA was great... flat tyre, truck ride from robe to mt gambier... hell of a lot of speed on the way.

    the best part of the trip was a spider crawling up the visor from inside my helmet while on the way home, trust me, don't try that in a corner... i was on a straight, and thank fark! :)

    i'd do the ride again any day.

    dario, i'll consider lowering.... wouldn't mind tryin mine lowered and not lowered before making a decision.
  11. Very nice set of pipes there :cool:
  12. I like "Before" picture :)