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Before and After (going for license)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WantFreedom, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. #1 WantFreedom, Jun 6, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2015
    Hi Guys,

    Last Sunday i attended HART Honda at Kilsyth to complete my license test, the weather was a little ordinary it was lucky we ended up with only 8 in the course as it allowed us to finish early and miss the massive downpour that happened around 2pm.

    So instead of saying if I passed or failed thought I would tell the story with pictures :) and you be the judge if you think I passed lol

    BEFORE: learner.


    learner2. learner3.
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  2. You failed but the bike didn't fit in the bin ? :)
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  3. hahaha that would of happened to Mcsenna :)
  4. Well done WantFreedomWantFreedom, congratulations! Your wish was granted, you just got your freedom :) Great spot for fluorescent stuff!
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  5. Congratulations WantFreedom! It's a great feeling, isn't it. Also to finish early and before the rain is a big bonus.

    Whenever I see before and after photos of the back of a bike I immediately start looking for misalignment, bent sub-frame, etc. assuming someone's binned it (no pun intended) and with yours I started wondering how you'd managed to do something like that during the training and test.

    Very glad to see that's not the case! It's a shame you don't know another prospective new rider to pass the hi-viz vest and L-plate to with a little ceremony and a few solemn words of wisdom...
  6. Just as a matter of interest mate was the title meant to read Before and after ?
  7. A picture tells a thousand words they say. Well done WantFreedomWantFreedom You never stop learning though on a bike :)
  8. Whoops yes before and after haha fixed it now thanks :)

    It's a good feeling just to know that for testing purposes its all over with but I always keep learning and practicing :)
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  9. Do you have to wear a p plate now?
  10. Congrats!

    You can call me crazy but I'm actually looking into buying a fluorescent vest to ride in the dark ... and I'm in NSW and do not have to wear one.
  11. No don't need a P plate as I have a full drivers license I don't have to put one on my bike this was confirmed with HART (I didn't know this and was going to put a P plate on)

    If you have a P plate on your car that needs to be on your bike as well, as HART said its not really a Provisional license its a license with restrictions
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  12. Congrats mate. It's all that excellent mentoring. LOL

    Seriously though, you worked hard to get to this point, by listening and applying new knowledge. Now it's time to keep that process going.

    Again, well done.
  13. congratulations
  14. Well done WantFreedomWantFreedom . Another hi viz bites the dust. Fantastic!
  15. Is this a VIC thing?

    In NSW you still have to have Red P's for a 1 year even on Full Drivers Lic and Over 25 years old.
  16. SHUSH!! don't say it too loudly or else Victoria will want to copy!
  17. Congratulations!
    I remember when I passed my test (back in the UK many moons ago) ...one of the best feelings ever! (y)
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  18. It is a good feeling!

    Congrats!! 8-|