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BeeWee owners - just a quick question

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by gidds, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Which One Fiddy ?

    Hi all.

    I won't take too much of your time. Here's the thing.

    Moving to a new place that is about 5kms or so from the train station. Thinking about getting a little scoot for the 11km daily round trip - but it will be done with a pillion (I'm about 95kgs, she's about 55kgs) on days when I don't ride to work on my bike. Couple of hills but nothing too horrendous. Not too concerned about top end speed.

    Just wondering whether any of you BeeWee owners have ridden (or do it regularly) with a pillion. I've seen other posts where people are saying don't get a BeeWee when just the rider is 95kgs (ie no pillion!). Surely a 100cc scoot can handle a couple of people?! As I said, it's a 5 min ride each way on 50kmh speed limit roads - not too bothered about hitting 80+ kmh.

    BTW, it will be the wife's scoot so it can't be anything too big as she'll be too scared to ride it (her words, not mine). I'd like her to get a madass but I don't think she'd go for it.

    Keen on your thoughts, or if someone has a "don't get that, get this" moment then I'm all ears.

    The other contender was the Honda Lead.

    Cheers everyone.
  2. What an awful name for a bike!
  3. If its only every now and then and if its likely to be used by your better half for most of the time it will probably be OK, but if its likely to be a couple times a week or more I would be wanting at least a 150.

    Don't get me wrong I love scooters and if budget allowed I would get another tomorrow but for two up that extra 50cc can make all the difference - used to do it often with my wifes 150 vespa (me 85kg she 60kg) and it would fine for getting around town.

    I know plenty may say that scooters aren't suitable or safe blah blah but personally I think thats BS, they are perfect for getting around town especially two up - out to dinner or the shops etc - and if you have a good 150 the physical size of the thing shouldn't be much different but will make a much more versatile ride.
  4. Honda Lead is worse...

    It implies a heavy dull soft metal. :)
  5. An annoying insects piss or a metal known for its properties to weigh things down! Wow I should get a job naming scooters, I'm sure I could do a lot better then those two.
  6. Thanks for the comments. Had never given so much thought to the names of scooters!

    Having given it some more thought, I'm thinking 100cc is a bit too small...so 150 or 200cc?

    200cc seems overkill for such a short daily trip. I can't see us ever going for a decent length ride on the scooter (we'd take my bike every time!) so I'm not thinking of that too much.

    Looking at the 150s and 200s on the market - there seems to be a few TGBs out there. And a Gilera VXR200 with 14000kms on it. Not sure I'm ready to adopt a middle-aged Italian bike!

    Vespas are out too on principal.

    Any other thoughts?

  7. I have a SymHD200, it does the job for me.

    But I go freeway on it and have my girlfriend as pillion a lot.

    I'm also a big fan of not having shopping trolly sized wheels on a scooter. And mines got nice big wheels. This is probably fairly important if your going to have a pillion on it a lot.

    Syms are not a bad choice, parts are quite cheap. Mines at 56000km after 4 years and still got a lot left in it.

    Also you never know your wife might just really love riding and want to ride her own bike when you go out on weekends so spending a little more to get something which can keep pace might be worth an extra thought.
  8. I would look at a SYM VS150, they are a very torquey scooter and have a good long seat on them. Much more room for 2 than a BeeWee, excellent 4 year warranty too.

    The VS125 was the best selling scooter in Australia for 3 years running and the new VS150 is basically the same scoot with a slightly larger motor.

    They will sit comfortably on 90kph 1 up and stretch to a 100 for shorter stretches and sit on 80 with 2 people on board.

    They also have twin headlights which makes night riding easier than on most scooters which generally only have a single light.

    The SYM200HD evo mentioned above is also excellent, I've got one but for a shorter commute I think the extra $1500 over the VS150 is overkill.
  9. Hey ZRX1200R, if you see a Hyo 250 cruiser running around Castlemaine or Newstead with a pink helmet, Its Heather, say Hello,
  10. Thanks for the additional comments.

    The VS150 sounds like it could be a go-er. Not many on the second hand market by the looks of it. $3200 ride away was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I guess the 4 yr warranty makes that a bit easier to handle. If anyone knows of a better deal than that around Sydney please speak up.

    I'll head to a dealer and have a quick spin I reckon!

    Thanks again...much appreciated.
  11. the beewee's up until the latest model were 2 strokes. had one for a day and was buckets of fun. ****ing hilarious to ride. wet road is not a problem. the power comes on all at once but you do have to pin the throttle everywhere. so in the dry it just shoots out from under you and in the wet it just spins up the rear. speed humps launch you out of the seat. it will filter ANYWHERE. or if it cant just pick it up and carry it over your head to the front of the intersection and jump back on again. the bars are tiny and somewhere below are tucked into your gut. it vibrates so much when you hit power band that the mirrors are like little flapping wings. and after a day of laughing insanely it cost me like $2:50 to fill up again at the pump. so i even laughed when i handed over some loose change to the attendant.
    yes, you could put your old lady on the back. the latest model beewee is a 4 stroke sadly.
    i would love to own a 2 stroke beewee, but not as an only bike. they are hilarious fun though. you can stand up on the floor pan and steer with the rear, see if you can get a powerslide happenning, or just superman it will you belly on the seat.
  12. second hand beewee's get snapped up quick.> popular, cult bike, no-more 2-strokes comming.
  13. Haha thanks Monkeyman, that gave me a good laugh. I've discounted the BeeWee for now.

    I've done a bit more research and I think I've narrowed it down to the following:

    SYM VS150 - $3300 ride away
    TGB RS303 150 - $2500 ride away
    TGB Bullet 150 - $3500 ride away

    The RS303 is a bit older it seems hence the discount. Not a huge fan of the styling but at $1000 below the others it is significantly cheaper.

    Does anyone have any knowledge on a comparison of these three? Key points are:

    Guts - needs to haul two up without wrecking the engine.
    Under seat helmet space - ideally a full face.
    Reliability - any of them significantly better/worse?
    Handling - when two up, is it going to wreck the suspension hitting holes in outer Sydney roads.

    My gut feeling is that you get what you pay for, and the RS303 will be the least solid of the three.

    Keen to hear your thoughts!

    Thanks very much.
  14. The Sym is a nice scoot as are the TGB's, the Bullet is a rangey racing style of scoot and I'm not sure how comfortable it would be 2up. One to consider is the Piaggio Fly 150 currently offered at $2990 + orc. Excellent Leader engine, Piaggio also owns Aprilia and Vespa so lots of support and go fast bits, replaced the Sym as Australia's top selling scooter. Two other things to consider, are you near a service centre to have the scoot worked on? What are the service intervals, some Chinese and Taiwanese scoots have no oil filter and rely on frequent servicing which can get pricey. Here's a pic of the fly
  15. The Piaggio Fly 150 is an excellent scooter (it'd definitely be on my short list if I was looking for a city 150) and as mentioned above service intervals are less frequent than the SYM VS150 however it's probably worth noting that while services are less frequent they are also generally more expensive which balances out some of the savings.

    Honestly either of the above would do the job, buy the one you like the most after you test ride them (as long as you've got dealers for both near you).
  16. Also the main thing in the sevice is the oil change, really easy to do your self and I try and do it every 2000kms
  17. Thanks for your thoughts.

    We did consider the Piaggio Fly but the missus was less keen on the looks of it. The TGBs were counted out as they were a bit taller and my wife didn't feel as stable on them. We took the VS150 for a ride and it seemed up to the job 2up - meaning we both fit on the seat, and it makes it up hills.

    We bought one, pick it up next week. The better half is very excited.

    Again thank you for taking the time to offer your advice, it is much appreciated.

    Safe riding...

  18. I love my BeeWee :)
  19. Perfect moniker for a Honda then :bolt:.
  20. I had to