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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stokedpaz, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Beetroot is fu<ken great!

    It can turn a boring sandwich into a good one.

    I really like beetroot on hamburgers too.

    I think beetroot is underrated.

    Also you can't beat a root...
  2. i f*ucking love beetroot!

    i love beetroot on a sanga,
    i love it on a juicy burger,
    i love beetroot all the time
    it makes me crazy and then i rhyme!

    beetroot beetroot i love you,
    beetroot beetroot chew chew chew

    beetroot goes well in salads
    beetroot enhances tasty cheese
    beetroot rocks and rocks my world
    it is the best thing i do eat
    it makes my hamburger complete!
  3. That was pure poetry at it's best.

    Love it.
  4. fresh beetroot > tinned beetroot
  5. Yep -it's awesome. I eat it straight from the tin. Then drink the juice, if that's what you call it. Then have a heart attack if I inadvertently glance in the crapper a day later, if you catch the drift.
  6. Tinned beetroot is great for quick and easy stuff like sambos and burgers.

    Fresh beetroot is awesome grated in a salad!
  7. i am indeed a wonderful poet!

    tinned beetroot rocks, but fresh beetroot for salads and cooking definitely!
  8. you can beet a root,
    but you cant root a beet.
  9. Pineapple > beetroot

  10. pineapple + beetroot are essential on a hamburger!
  11. tinned beetroot (mashed and mixed with) sour cream.
    Use mixture atop a baked potato.

  12. Which is one of the many reasons why you can't but a mass-produced 'thingy' and call it a burger; Aussie burgers have beetroot at least (and bacon and pineapple too)!
  13. I grow my own beetroot. I made beetroot relish out of the last lot. Bit of cardamon (not too much) and red wine vinegar. Great with a T-bone
  14. ^used to agree with all that. A burger just isn't a burger without beetroot+pineapple.

    But, there's something even better.

    Since I discovered jalapenos, now they go on everything. Toast+vegemite+cheese+jalapenos. A great start to the day.

    Sorry, no witty poems or double entendres from me.
  15. If your a beetroot fan try a beetroot sandwich using raisin bread, fantastic.
  16. It's even more worrying if you were so drunk when you ate it that you don't remember doing so :shock:.
  17. beetroot can also **** up a sammich if left for too long. leaving it a soggy mess.
  18. Sounds awesome, must try this soon!!

    Farken oath! Gotta tap off the excess juice. Don't like a soggy sambo!
  19. Roast whole beetroot is magnificent....
  20. 1 lt beef stock
    500ml red wine
    250ml beetroot juice
    1 tsp garlic (optional)
    Reduce on a slow simmer till you have 1 lt of demi. The best freeken roast lamb gravy you will ever have.
    Add some green peppercorns and the best pepper sauce you have ever had.