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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by edgelett, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. The smoking topic reminded me of something that happened to me on my first big country ride - swarms of bees. Two of them.

    Approaching the first one, I had no idea what it was & stared thinking "what is THAT?". Next minute I was peppered at 90kph with bees, cracking me on my helmet, jacket, jeans....they hurt quite a bit & I had bee juice all over my visor.

    My other half knew what it was cause he'd been through a swarm before and got stung...very painful ride home. so when we encountered this swarm he ducked his head (neither of us have a windshield on our bikes) and tucked in to minimalise the danger.

    Anyone got tips for dealing with bee swarms? So far my method is "duck head & slow down" They can be very dangerous!

  2. i had the same problem but i the difference was that i was not wearing a jacket coz it was 36 degrees and i was not going very far. i was behind a car so i couldnt see them but before i knew it, i got stung on my left arm and it felt like my arm was on fire. god damn it hurt and the sting was still inside my arm when i pulled over.

    what i do now is, i get down and low and hope for the best. haha
  3. Dunno, but if you've got a solution for wasps down your back, other than pulling over and ripping your clothes off to get the ba$tard out, lemme know....
  4. I've done the "Gee that looks like a funny cloud....Oh No!!!" thing and the best idea is to tuck and just take it. Going slow the bees can sting you. Going fast and they are all splattered and unable to sting :shock: (I hope) I was cleaning honey and guts etc off the front of the ZZR, jacket, gloves, helmet etc for ages after going through a swarm at 110kph.
  5. not so easy on a cruiser... thankfully I've not hit a swarm of bees before, but I HAVE hit a bunch of crickets. The little mungrels actually hurt a bit when there's enough of them, but its the clean-up job after that's more annoying.
  6. Bees hurt more when they sting but wasps bloody keep stinging... having had a wasp down inside my jacket twice I can say that I'd rather get bit by the flying bees anyday!

    Trying to do an emergency stop on a bike whilst some bastard wasp is stinging you up and down your chest is about as much fun as seeing a 4 metre shark doing circles underneath your board (and more painful most of the time!).
  7. Yeah their little legs get stuck between ya teeth and are B^%&ards to get out , good protein though
  8. I know it's hard to tuck sometimes. My current bike is naked too. It is a bit of a bummer, and yes the clean up does suck!!
  9. Definately agree with you on that one. Been through a swarm of bees before only problem was trying to get the honey and bee bits off my leathers - had a wasp down my shirt once and that's definately not an experience I want to repeat.
  10. I learnt the hard way a couple of months ago to close my visor before I take off....one (a bee) got stuck inside my helmet and stung me on the temple, very painful, especially with a 300km ride ahead!

    Safe riding and beware the bees..... :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Firestorm. :D :) :D :) :D
  11. other than an ultrasonic burst of mortein mounted on the front of your bike im not sure there is anyway of avoiding this :LOL: however a gallah at 110km/h in the chest is still the most painful experience i have ever had whilst still upright ....they dont sting but jeeez they take ure breath away
  12. I have encountered several swarms whilst riding, the worst however was in 1997. I was doing the Boulevard in Kew and a swarm materialised in front of me as I rounded a bend. I tucked and buried my chin in my jacket but one got stuck between my jacket collar and helmet and stung my throat near my windpipe. I pulled over near the fast food van and told my riding companion what had happened. He asked if I was allergic. I told him I didn't know. He advised waiting.

    That was a good thing as within 10 minutes I had gone into shock, collapsed beside the fast food van and was throwing up into the gutter. Good for business! I could barely speak and knew I was not well. Other riders gathered and tried to help, but in the end an ambulance was called and I was taken to Epworth. Where my greeting was "not another bl***dy motorcycle accident". The ambos said "No, bee sting. Blood pressure too low, brought her in". Asked if I was allergic, I managed to indicate that I didn't know - speaking was very difficult I felt far too ill. To which intern replied something to the effect that he didn't believe me because apparently no one could reach that age and not know!

    I don't have to carry adrenalin, but my Doctor informed me that the throat was probably not a good place to start having bee stings - it was apparently a moderately severe reaction! I wouldn't like to have a severe one. I can still remembering my heart labouring in my chest - so very slowly. I had difficulty breathing properly for several days. It wasn't good. I was always sorry that I didn't have an opportunity to thank those other riders that day. I wouldn't even recognise them, my vision had greyed out. The ambos were great too! However, I can only condemn the attitude I copped at Epworth.
  13. lol ... i got hit on the nipple (while wearing a jacket) by a blackbird when a was younger......100+ k it exploded and went up into my helmet....


    in a 2000km tour , i get birdstrike 50k from home...

    it cut a triangle out of my jacket with its beak, then praceded to try to do the same to my tit.... a saucer sized bruise developed...

    Fish bulb
  14. You just have to ..... ........ ....... bee careful :D
  15. (drum noise)
    ta ta tssh.
  16. I copped a swarm of somethings on my way down to Lorne the other weekend. Poked a couple holes in my jacket. Bloody annoying and christ they sting.
  17. Yeah Loz, they are more of a problem on a n....d bike, aren't they?