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Bee's Epic p0rn thread ...the food kind

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bee, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. #1 Bee, Aug 31, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2016
    As per JeffcoJeffco' s request the master chefs of NR should really have their own thread :)

    First up, the hardest and most complicated thing I have baked to date that involves about 8-9 hours of kitchen time : Lemon meringue tart ...BLOW TORCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I suppose i'll have to post JeffcoJeffco's nomination for the first centrefold : Vanilla cake with all around buttercreamcrack topped with toffee coated popcorns :D

    2016-08-29 12.21.02.

    Now I'll just have to learn to take prettier food pictures.

    P.s i hope everyone will post their creations here too !!!
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  2. I'm going to need a few minutes and then a cigarette :woot:

    They look amazing BeeBee
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  3. Minutes?

    Ladies, gather 'round!

    *sotto voce*showoff

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  4. Thanks JeffcoJeffco luckily i don't really eat the stuff I bake ( pastry is my crack ..probably explains why I have not learn how to make them yet )

    MrDataMrData probably the worst idea to start food thread at this time of the night..h-u-n-g-e-r-k-i-c-k-i-n-g-i-n.

    Next instalment .. uncle greguncle greg streetmasterstreetmaster goddiegoddie and GreyBMGreyBM gobbled them all in about 0-3 second .This was made for the spanner day sometime last year.

    Lemon Crumble

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    There are few things in the world more luscious than a lemon meringue pie... (and I was a chef for 17 years..)
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  6. Will definitely be picking your brain hornethornet :) only been teaching my self how to cook/bake in the last 5-6 years.
  7. I'm a little more "rustic" in the kitchen. Here's the chicken and pasta bake I made tonight.
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  8. Bee, Bee, Bee....................Here I am trying to loose weight to try and get my back issues in check. But if I am around and you have food like that.....................I am going to have some. I have ticket on myself with my pasties.
  9. aaaimages.
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  10. Here's one for the Kiwis amongst us... Pineapple Lump Slice

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  11. Now I'm going t have to make my signature "mega-pods" to show off.
    Pity my poor pancreas!
  12. JeffcoJeffco waiting for that 7 year-itch to kick in :p

    EricEric .. it's 99.9999999% fat free if someone else eats it ;)

    damedidamedi you had me at pineapples

    Dark AngelDark Angel i'll be waiting :D

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  13. you keep posting pics like this and it wont be years :p:whistle:
  14. Don't push back dinner on my account! I have family coming in from all over the state this weekend, but I've got a lot on as well so not that much chance for cooking that consumes the whole kitchen.

    You give too many of these things to that kittae and he'll have the diabetes!
  15. Dark AngelDark Angel that pasta bake will do for now ..nom nom nom

    JeffcoJeffco you asked for it :p

    EricEric ..just for you ( kind of healthy-ish ) scotch fillet steak medium rare ..gosh i love a good steak !!!

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  16. Woohoo shit just got real:ROFLMAO::woot::ROFLMAO::woot:
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  17. Awesommmmme...

    I just had the best Baklava ever... After one of the best Gyros ever. Didn't take any pics though..

  18. Why am I hungry now?
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  19. Damn.another thread to watch and contribute to on occasions?

    Pretty soon Im gonna be able to put "Netrider Contributor" as my primary role in life
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  20. Definitely to this mouthwatering thread! Some of your creations in the kitchen are exquisite :hungry::hungry:

    This is my contribution, one of the two most complicated desserts I make. Made by hand from scratch, it takes two days to make this cake. 16 layers of paper thin puff pastry layered with vanilla custard/butter cream and topped with chopped roasted macadamias. It did pass uncle greguncle greg test and I believe got his stamp of approval.

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