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Bee's d*ck away from 2 acco's, within 5 minutes.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by van, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Easier to paste my convo from a minute ago than type it all out again, haha.

    So yeah. I know the risk is entirely mine to take the moment I get on a bike, but gee whiz, I sure would love it if folks would discover the wonders of the head check.

  2. This is one of the situations where you need to practise your skill in anticipation.
  3. Yep, I must say I've saved my own arse many times from doing a simple head check in car and on bike. Its the easiest thing to do but still some people cant be f'd or forget or somthin.
    Honestly dont know how anyone can merge or pull out of a park without doin one.
    Is it just me or does it seem like theres more stupid behaviour from drivers on the weekend?
  4. yeah two people in past 2 days didnt look as I was passing them on eastern fwy and monash and indicated as they cut me off. Luckily I keep eyes out for idiots like this and have brakes and/or power to accelerate out of their way.

  5. So lets get this straight, seriously you bashed the driver?
  6. blasted = yelling at someone
  7. Is it time for some louder exhaust cans? :wink:

    Perhaps some of those Zards like on Scumbag's Sport 1000:

    Lock and load.

    Safety off!

  8. Hahaha, I think so!
  9. ok.. what are those really easy to fit air horns?
  10. I was talking to Scumbag today and he mentioned that the kit that they fit into Police bikes has one of the louder horns around town.

    Hmmmmm, very interesting....
  11. I rekon some days that I should fit my bike with LED lights in that white-blue that are so freaking bright.

    I'm learning to drive now (3rd time I've had my Ls in my life) and I can't not do a headcheck. I'm so used to it on the bike that I just have to. It astounds (and infuriates) me that people are so lazy they can't even be bothered to do one. It's not like it takes all that much.
  12. my accident was due to a lady pulling a u turn from the side of the road and not seeing me. i had no time to react other than aim for the low part of the car as apposed to the higher (doors).

    and just today on the freeway i had some whacka in a 4WD ute come up from the rear left hand lane to mine, then turn into my lane. i mean he came from behind me how could he not see me?

    but as you said these are the risks we take when we saddle the bike. having two scares in one day isnt cool either.
  13. Riding on the road is about predicting idiots like the lady who pulled a u-turn without looking for you. If you see any cars moving (slowly) on the left, expect them to pull u-turns like that so you can take evasive action if need be it :) I saw a similar thing whilst walking home for work. Hawthorne road in caulfield south, a lady travelling in left side of lane pulled down to slow, Im thinking "hmm she looks like she is gonna do a u turn" and while a car was on her right side, she swung her car to do a u-turn. Sure enough, CRUNCH. If idiots like that don't sense cars they sure as hell won't see bikes :cry:

    The guy in the 4WD is one of the jerks on the road that hates bikeriders and possibly other road users *sigh* It's a mad jungle out there at times!