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Bee's 2015 Kawasaki Z300 ABS

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  1. Bee submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Bee's 2015 Kawasaki Z300 ABS

    Read more about this showcase item here...

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  2. Nice wheels BeeBee!
  3. Lookin great Bee and nice colour too. Farkle fitting was pretty straight forward, except when the side cover and entire exhaust system had to be removed to retrieve a nut that decided to fall right into the pipe when removing the muffler! Normally a rag is placed over the pipe and will be in the future.

    Lowering was super easy and is also adjustable. Side stand shortened too for correct lean when parked so no blowing over on a windy day.

    I notice some chicken strips there Bee but no doubt you would have taken care of those by the end of next weekend?

    Now to get out and clock up those kays,

    Enjoy your new ride Bee, it was a pleasure helping you to set it up and personalise it to your taste.

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  4. That's a gorgeous ride BeeBee . Makes my VTR250 look like a rat bike! :p
  5. that looks great
  6. Nice lookin' bike BeeBee
  7. Thank you everyone !! Really stoked with the bike ^_^ Just one last farkle ..when i find the right one annnnnnd im done .
  8. Awesome looking bike - just love the black - looks much sexier and mysterious than the traditional Kawasaki colour (y):happy:;)
  9. Seems everyone loves the look of it Bee, and it sounds awesome, so it should too. Photos came out great, perhaps one of you on it would be nice:D

    I can't help but notice you've failed to include a few farkles on the list: carbon look tank pad and the PITA to fit tail bag mounts, for those bags you'll have stuffed full of baked goodies for the trips away. Lucky you got 2 bags:LOL: Small one for your gear and the larger one for home cooked goodness(y)
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  10. Here's one ..and it was love at first sight,not so much with the stock exhaust that sounds like a whistling kettle haha!

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  11. great looking bike! i have the same bike in traditional green with the 2 bros black exhaust. can vouch that the note is perfect!(y)
  12. Great stuff Bee! It looks amazing and I'm sure you'll be taking great care of your new baby!
  13. I like that exhaust.
    Sweet-lookin' bike all around. Much better than the old one ;)
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  14. Awesome! It's great to have a pic in the showroom with that huge smile. They are great to look back on :) Enjoy :)
  15. haha thank you!! it was love at first sight ;)

    ExportswedeExportswede & DonJuanDonJuan thanks guys!!
    maccamacca - ohhh the green is such a beautiful colour !!! Congrats on yours ( and woo to another bike twin ! )