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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by stokedpaz, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Some people don't like scotch.

    Most people like beer.

    I like both.

    I like to buy different beers each time I hit the bottlo.

    Currently I have Blue Tongue Larger in my fridge.

    What is in yours?
  2. i have 3 cans of sapporo beer in my fridge which is this:

    and i have two bottles of 3 monts in my fridge which is this:

    i have also got a 6 pack of james squire golden ale in my fridge which is this:

    is it obvious i work in a liquor store?? hehe
  3. Fantastic job! You must try some awesome shit that a lot of people have not heard of.
    What are those first two like?
  4. At home - nothing at the moment.
    At work - all the leftovers from the international beer awards :).

    I've tried a LOT of different beers. Unfortunately the ones I liked the most are often those which are virtually impossible to get in this country :(.

    Some of my favourites (which I can actually remember the names of) include:
    And pretty much anything from Samuel Adams (other than their disgusting Cranberry Lambic), or Holgate.

    Edit: Oh and I've also had a very good beer from this Norwegian Brewery:
    But as the label was entirely in Norwegian I have no idea what it was. I will however be in Norway later this year, so will hopefully get the chance to try them all.
  5. i try to buy beers i've never had before, so have been twice or once a week buying a couple of beers i've never had, and got some awesome $80 bottle of whiskey the other day also.

    sapporo is AWESOME for it's price and what it is - it's a japanese beer, however, buy the stuff made in japan, and imported here. most of the sapporo in aus i think is actually made here from their recipe but it's not quite the same. it goes down smoothly - the can is HUGE! like 2.5 drinks!! 700 ml i think.

    the 3 monts generally sells at about $20 a bottle, $18 if you're lucky. i got mine for $10 each! it's INCREDIBLE! a french beer and it's just freaking awesome.

    james squire = love :D
  6. Awesome. The Japanese sure can make things. Bikes, whiskey and beer. I'll have to try to locate some of that!

    I'm a big fan of trying new beers. When I was in South America, most of the beer was shitty, but I didn't mind Quilmes.
    SE Asia has some decent beers.
    Yet to go to Europe...
  7. Ah beer! My favorite topic. I have a British pale ale on tap at the moment and currently lagering a Californian steam lager. Nothing like having draught quality beer at home.

    I brew from malted barley, not cans of goop from the supermarket.
  8. oooh sounds like i should come over smileedude!
  9. Me too, party at yours mate!

    I'd love to get into brewing. I tried once when I was in high school. Turned out like shit. I think one of my mates still has the kit though.
  10. I bought a case of Sapporo last week and when I looked at the bottles it said made in Canada!! Was still nice though. A few weeks ago my mate bought some 1L (yes ONE litre!!) cans of Asahi from a bottlo near his place. They look like freakin novelty cans.

    Right now I have a sixer of becks and a few wifebeaters (stella) in the fridge
  11. I was pleased to read your comment about Sapporo, lowercase - I have the same philosophy regarding Heineken. I am positive the stuff brewed in Holland tastes better than the stuff brewed under licence in Aus.

  12. There's a definite culture of bad home brewing in aus. Our beers are ridiculously priced compared to almost anywhere else so people brew to make beer cheap. 9/10 home brewers are kit and kilo brewers. One can of malt, one kilo of table sugar, top with water and ferment. Easy as that. And because we have such awful megaswill (vb, new, xxxx) this doesn't taste so bad in comparison.

    I started brewing as a student for cost, but as a scientist I got interested in the process a lot more and progressed to all grain brewing. There's a lot to understand which is why everyones first beer is always going to be fairly poor. But if you buy decent ingredients (there are decent kits and fresh hops which are simple for starting), use a good yeast, watch your sanitation and ferment at a constant temp you will make good beer.
  13. oh, totally forgot to mention the 4 bottles of double chocolate stout, only one in the fridge, 3 in the pantry.

    not too into it, but it goes out of date soon, so got them for free.
  14. Love a chocolate stout. Coffee goes well too. I made a pancake porter once, wheat, blueberries and maple syrup in the brew. It was delicious.

    Attached is a pic of my fridge :)

    Attached Files:

  15. I fear no Beer.
  16. I did not even know you could make a chocolate stout or put those other things in a beer.
    Definitely have to try your beers one day.
    Must look into brewing again. There used to be a shop on victoria rd that had all the gear. dont think it's there anymore though.
  17. chocolate stout doesn't actually contain any chocolate :) just has a slight chocolately taste/smell to it, something to do with roasting it twice or something.
  18. Head to the local tap house in darlinghurst or red oak on Clarence st for some interesting beers. Choc stout is the tip of the iceberg.
    As for brewstores, daves home brew in north Sydney is the best in Sydney.

    Correct, roasted barley has choc and coffee flavors. All stouts have this. There is special chocolate roasted barley which has a lot more chociness too it but you can also add cocoa.
  19. OK well I quite like James Squires.. first had it (free) on QANTAS.

    The last few years I've bought a carton of Cascade "First Harvest", which is different in character every year, and available only for a short time each year. And not cheap.

    At Adelaide airport they have a Coopers bar. It was there that I first tried

    VERY tasty and with the alcohol % of a wine, definitely no riding home.

    more info
  20. Holgate's chocolate porter is definitely worth a try:

    That one does actually contain cocoa, but from the taste I suspect it also has at least some chocolate malt as well.