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Beer: Ale or Lager?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Ale

    22 vote(s)
  2. Lager

    8 vote(s)
  1. Which and what type?

    When at a bar, Ale (usually pale), almost without exception (crap bars are the exception).
    When at home, Lager more often than not, cheaper and easier to drink from a bottle.
  2. Ale of the pale or golden variety. Golden is great for cooking steaks. Dual purpose beer... yum!
  3. Beer mate.... Anything except vb really... The wide made beer battered fish the other night... Orgasmic I must say.
  4. I generally consider steak good enough to stand up by itself. Throwing a golden ale on it is money some people can afford.
  5. Ale... With biltong mmm.
  6. Poll seems a bit limited. I don't mind a true lager in hot weather (not the cat piss most Australian breweries like to try and pass off as lager), but in cooler weather I move more towards ales - and beyond (love a good Russian Imperial Stout).

    Of course the decision is also influenced by whatever I might happen to be eating at the time, since beer is far better to match with food than wine.

    Difference in price is irrelevant. Most of what I drink I make myself :)
  7. Tough questions as I LOVE all types of Beer! :D

    Always in a glass though - except when at BBQ's.

    Been drinking Estrella for the last few weeks. It's a Pilsner Lager and VERY nice.

    In Ales - I had the Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA recently and LOVED it. At 7.2%, whats not to love?

    Another recent favourite has been Murray's Spartacus Imperial IPA. Had it at Beer DeLuxe when it was available on Tap and trust me - it was magnificent.

    That reminds me - I'm out of beer! :D Hence a visit to Dr Dan is on the cards. :D
  8. Mostly ale, but when it cools down I also lean towards lager.

  9. I lean towards ANYTHING when I'm drunk! :D
  10. Really? When I'm drunk I find everything leans towards me, I have to keep changing direction to avoid it all! :beer:
  11. It used to be whether specific, lagers in the winter when the ferment was cooler and ales in the summer when ferment was warmer. It's annoying it works that way because lagers are a better summer beer and ales are a better winter beer. Now I have a temperature control fridge I can make whatever I fancy whenever I fancy :).
  12. You could always just stockpile lager for the summer, and ales for the winter. Ales in particular get a lot better when aged for 6 months or more.
  13. True, but then I would have to bother with bottling, kegging is much much easier. And besides not a problem now, I have the fermenting fridge.

    I have a Dunkel on the go right now. Put a bit too much roasted barley in so its a bit too dark.
  14. Fair enough. Although does beer improve with age in a keg?
  15. Don't really try IPA, had the squire once on tap at uni and found it so bitter I could barely keep it down. As other have said, do find lager (Aus and other) types get much more readily drank when at or below 0 in middle of summer.

    Regarding the 7.2% beer, I recently took a trip to the Belgian and found myself a victim of significant chicanery.
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    It does, but i prefer to age it in fermenters. You pour it off into another fernenter to get it off the sludge. Ales are not so important to age, unless you are doing something really heavy and want it to mellow, or you have an oak barrel. Hoppy pale ales and IPAs you want to drink quickly as you will lose the strong hops. Lagers to get really crisp you need to keep it under 10 C for 6-8 weeks. To make you're Aussie standard swill requires the most time.

  17. Hehe. I also tried the Little Creatures Quiet American recently. An American IPA / Belgian Hybrid. VERY nice.

    From the Belgians, I love the both the Leffe Blonde and Black.
  18. Does anyone hit up the local taphouse in Darlinghurst? One of my favorite venues and some very nice beers.
  19. Anyone else like the Japanese beers? Kirin/Asahi? The proper ones brewed in Japan, the local ones taste funny to me..
  20. Only with Japanese or Asian food. Same goes for any other beers made with rice.