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VIC Been wanting to do a track day but...

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Gippsland Rider, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. I have been looking into doing a ride day at Phillip island but one thing really bothers me about the whole thing
    No recording devices, no recording lap times, if caught you could be banned from ever coming back.

    I just can not understand the reasoning here, if i am going to crash my bike i want it on video for one and i am also going to want to be able to look at my lap times so i am not just riding the bike past the limit of going fast and into the territory of going slower while feeling like you are going faster.
    Video is another great thing in that regard because you can go over your riding and give yourself the best criticism because it actually sinks in when you are the one recognising a problem.

    So does anyone know of a track that will let me record my laps and my times around the Gippsland area?

    I do not want to actually get into racing, It is simply too expensive for me to do at this point in time and i doubt i will be able to afford it any time in the near future.

  2. One tends to start 'racing the clock' and its best to sometimes NOT time yourself.

    In any case, there are a few apps out there that will record your lap times, lean angle, max speed while the phone is out if sight in your pocket (pirelli app comes to mind).
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  3. Prob to do with insurance mate. Get an app, stick phone in your pocket and say nothing.
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  4. Fair enough, the app idea seems like it would be fairly easy to get away with, thanks for the tips guys
  5. Diablo Super Biker for iPhone
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  6. Similar as to them taping over the speedo and other gauges, your undivided attention should be on the track and you should be setting your own pace.
    As to cameras: potential to show off, could come loose, organisers don't like videos of crashes or operations being posted, coaching sessions may be considered private.

    Their are plenty of discreet cameras and timers available which are controlled by hitting buttons such as the the starter every lap.
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  7. Track addict pro app is great! Has the Phillip island track on it so it can even record sector times.
  8. You really, really don't need a camera or timing equipment to enjoy a track day and if thats your sole reason for not doing one, your missing out big time.
    Yes cameras can be a tool to improve your riding but it really isn't necessary.
    To improve your riding 10 fold book yourself into an advanced riding course like California Superbike School.
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  9. On a second note, take those apps with a pinch of salt. Phone GPS will pin point to an accuracy of 5-10m as far as I know.
    I used the Pirelli app once and tracks your lines on the track. According to the app I was riding 2-3 metres off the track and on the grass!!
    It also told me I hit 250km/h when my speedo said 220 and it also said I had the bike leaned over to 55 degrees which in very dubious of.
    Needless to say, the app was promptly deleted.
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  10. The reason for it is to prevent inexperienced riders from crashing due to chasing faster lap times. Once you get more experience and get in faster groups, I have seen the organizers allow lap timers.
    The same goes for cameras. I am with you Gippsland Rider, I would love to be able to record my sessions and reflect back on them at home and maybe analyze my riding a bit more. In terms of lap timers I use RaceChrono app on my spare Android phone.
    In regards to insurance, I believe that in order for the organizers to be covered for public liability all participants must have a current drivers license or racing license. I am not sure if insurance cares about video and lap timing.
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  11. surely the best video would be TV coverage :)
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  12. It does because it differentiates between leisure and race.......
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  13. How come Eastern Creek has recently started allowing video JM but not the Island?
  14. Instead of PI, go to Broadford for your first couple of track days.
    PI is a magic place, BUT, when shit goes pear shaped its usually at a fairly high speed and the potential for damage corresponds.
    Broadford on the other hand is slower in nature and quite technical. And nobody give a toss so long as your camera is safely and securely mounted.
  15. You could possibly try a pair of those cheap sunglasses with a camera built-in that M13 sometimes uses on his youtube videos. I suspect they wouldn't be too comfortable though.

    With Sena starting to build helmets it's only a matter of time before one comes bundled with a built-in camera.
  16. I'm not 100% sure Darren, other than a different manager for the days and not mega. Meaning perhaps it's different insurers or simply policy.
    I know for a fact even on on the Troy Bayliss experience at Phillip island the only video camera the circuit would allow had to be pointing back at Troy and his pillion. Which was after much negotiation back and forth and the only reason they relented was because it was Troy. That wasn't a mega day so it's naught to do with them.
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  17. Is this for track days organised by Motorcycling Victoria and/or Champions Ride Days? I understand if you get on their good books that they are quiet lenient.
  18. I don't think it would be insurance policy. It is normally an OHS thing and what each organizer deems safe. I can see the positives in both and to be honest cam or no cam is fine with me.
  19. Have to say I actually enjoy my track days more when not timing myself.

    When you're NOT trying to be fast but smooth is better anyway.
  20. It's not the organizer it's the track policy in regards to PI.
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