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Been thinking of getting a cruiser. (Boat)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Well for the last 7 months I have been sitting on my bum doing nothing,
    No licence, so I cant ride, drive or work, or do any thing that I like doing with out relying on some one else to take me there,

    An estate agent comes to give me a free valuation on my house, I already know what it is worth, so a complete waste of time for him.

    Trying to drum up business, he says, do you know of any one else that wants sell a house, As a matter of interest, you can value my second house, he does a drive by valuation, and he comes back and gives me a rediculously high figure,

    I say to him, if you can get that amount for it, its on the market, But dont insult me by saying you cant get it after I sign to sell.

    So I tell my tenant I am selling, he says good, I was thinking of going back to the country any way.

    3 weeks later he moves out, The agent rings on the Monday after and says they have a for sale sign up in front of the house,
    The following Saturday, the agent says I would like to come up and see you,
    Okay, he was not sounding very enthusiastic, So up he comes, he has the amount he said he would get, I sign on the dotted line, my second house is sold,

    I have been looking at Catamarans for a while, Australian boats are too expensive, On the internet, world wide, too expensive to import as well,
    $120.000 to import a boat from the USA,
    still looking around, BINGO, there is a 34 foot Catamaran in Fiji, second hand, with all the bells and whistles, Within my price range, plus GST Etc Etc, still within my price range,

    Lots of emails back and forth, licenced survey and haul out, all good,
    The money from my second house has bought me a Cat and given me enough to retire on,

    I am now retired, and now I am going to Fiji for a holiday and learning to sail my new Cat,

    I will sail it back home to Melbourne, and now looking forward to a life of cruising on my cat,
    Must buy a 250 naked Honda to put on the Cat so I can go places on it when I park my pussy on the beach, Its not a big Catamaran, so I call it a Pussy Cat,

    Shame I cant get the Bird on it, its just too heavy to lift on and off the boat.

    The day before I get my licence back, The settlement for the house takes place, I cant even go for a ride, I will be in Fiji picking up my Cruiser, But a long ride on the Bird is already planned for my return,
    Who said, you cant have your cake and eat it too, I am doing both, and the icing is magic,

    Whoo Whoo, [B]49 years of Hard Bloody Yakka and now its all over,[/B]

    And now I am a Cruiser, Hahahahahaha.
  2. Re: Been thinking of getting a cruiser.

    Good for you mate :)
  3. Re: Been thinking of getting a cruiser.

    Sounds awesome. Next you'll be coming home with the America's Cup or something.

    Don't go near Somalia. For that matter, many places around Asia are risky for the same thing. If you meet the real Jack Sparrow, you won't like him.
  4. Re: Been thinking of getting a cruiser.

    nice work mate!
  5. Re: Been thinking of getting a cruiser.

    At least you're unlikely to loose your license on a cruiser... well done mate. Living the dream!
  6. You're living the dream brother.
  7. Re: Been thinking of getting a cruiser.

    Good on you mate!
  8. Re: Been thinking of getting a cruiser.

    Sounds very cool - what model did you get?

    Also - where are you going to moor it in PPB?

  9. Re: Been thinking of getting a cruiser.

    I look forward to seeing a pic, and man I am envious
  10. Re: Been thinking of getting a cruiser.

    .... you lucky bugger!!... enjoy!=D>
  11. Re: Been thinking of getting a cruiser.

    wow very nice job, most of us will take longer than 49 years :(. You could get a two stroke naked bike, very light and still usable.
  12. Re: Been thinking of getting a cruiser.

    No luck involved, just a lot of years of bloody hard work, But I do get your sentiment, Hahahaha
  13. Well done mate. My bloody dream. I only just bought the second house so I can only dream.
  14. Congrats Deadman, put up some pics once you have taken delivery. All the best in your retirement.
  15. With real estate, no matter what it is, It doubles every 10 years.Minimum,
    in tweny years mine actually quadrupled,

    Most people make the mistake of selling after five to seven years and then wonder why they still end up with a morgage and nothing to show for it,

    You must keep it for ten years, Then you will make money on it,
    If the market collapses, Big deal. wait for two years and the market is up above what ever the market went down too.

    I actually lost 50,00 grand on it at one stage, The last recession, I did not sell it and lose, I kept it, Now I Have reaped the benefit of keeping it.
    It went up 150,000 grand since that recession.

    Its not like shares, You can lose the lot overnight,

    Stick to your dreams, and dont let any one tell you differently, You will benefit later on, even if the wait is a long time,now, Hahahahaha
  16. Can't imagine this will be happening going forward anymore though... It's now at the point of being very unaffordable cost to income wise.

    Saying that, well done to you for playing the market right and getting a boat and retirement out of it. Jealousy :D
  17. I thought that 10 years ago when I (stupidly as it turns out) sold my three bedroom flat in Harbord.

    Congrats on your retirement, Deadman
  18. Mate, I have been buying and selling houses for 40 years,
    All of the places That I have had, It surprised even me the amount I would have made if I had been able to keep them.
    Divorces some how strip assets.

    Even if you buy a house now at a rediculous figure, In ten years it will be worth at least 100% more.
  19. Mate you sound EXACTLY like my dad.
  20. in 10yrs, 100%... well, thats an interesting thought but I doubt that much really. Given inflation, wage increases etc. If you think in 10yrs, with wages going up at what, 3-4%, that there will be the demand to buy that house at that price? And that you'd be able to service a mortgage that large?

    I personally wont buy again until I can get a mortgage that means I spend at most 30% of my income to service it. I won't put myself into mortgage stress to buy a property.