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Been riding for 2 months now

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Komunista, May 15, 2007.

  1. i have been riding for about 2 months now.. in this time i have learnt alot about riding both thru this forum and thru the guys from RRR who meet up at kk's on thursdays nights. Its only recently that i have learned to take corners and twisties. Im now alot more confident at riding at good speeds with experienced riders.

    When i first started riding and got into this whole culture of bikes i thought WOW riders are such a close group of people all united by one common interest. i really thought that all riders were nice to each other. I was pretty naive for thinking this. After a while of meeting other riders and even after reading some of the things more experienced riders from this forum write i soon came to realise that there is so much ego in this culture.. everyone is trying to show how much they know and how good they are.. how fast they can go etc...why am i saying all this ?? who knows maybe im just venting cause i feel stupid for thinking what i thought. Is there any other noob out there that thinks the same ???..

  2. depends onthe crowd and how its said.

    the riders i have met so far do compare their riding.(it's only natural) but i'd be hard pushed to name more than a couple who have really put me off.

    Remember though that online noone can see your face and expression so some miscomunitaction will take place. In person though is another story.

    Yes there are ego's here as there is everywhere else. Deal with it. I simply just don't worry about them.. talk to who you want and be happy with it mate.
  3. your right drew... good advice ...
  4. As long as their are men and testosterone there will be egos. Some one will always try to top others stupidity. You can join them or watch them. It's your own choice.

    And people are people, doesn't matter what group they belong to. I'm sure every one belongs to more then just one group.
  5. Don't take it too seriously :grin: There are tossers everywhere, even on bikes, but just about every rider I've met has had a great attitude, "nice to see another new rider" and "great that you got into bikes", basically. I don't try to ride out with the big kids yet, and stay away from show offs who push their luck; that's really a big one for me, I just don't want to be around accidents waiting to happen, and have no need to impress anybody, especially by being a tool :LOL:

    The faster (and smooth and safe) riders I know have encouraged me to ride with them when I can, but to take things at my own pace. I've gotten nothing but "it's alright to be slow when you're new". Smooth first, then fast comes by itself.

    Everybody was green once, and we still are...I've been riding just over two months too :)

    Saturday morning looking good for RNP or OR again. PM if you want to come for a run.
  6. Don't worry, most of the posers will start to fade away now that its getting cold and or wet. As far as i see it, look at everyone who rides the entire year with respect, they may act superior and uptight sometimes, but they know you will get better.
  7. yeah its a big community
  8. The bottom line, mate, is that you don't have to prove anything to anyone, either here on the forum, or out there on the road with other riders.

    In the Army, when the boys used to come on in the morning and brag about their conquests on the night before, we used to smile and say, "Yeah, and the next will be the first!!".

    You started riding for fun, not to compare yourself with anyone else; keep doing it for that reason. For most of the posers and blowhards, the next will be the first....
  9. My penis is 14 inches long.
  10. you poor bugger :LOL:
  11. As Hornet has said you will find people who give you advice to help you, and you will find people who will give advice to help there own ego.

    You will also find people who want to be part of a community, and you will find people who are just around for what they can get out of it.

    We have both types here. And you will find both types out on the road (Along with those who don’t want anything to do with any one who isn’t as cool as them)

    Don’t sweat it. Just enjoy your ride and be part of the solution (Not part of the problem)
  12. I've been riding for about the same Komunista.

    Just did my first bit of twistie riding up the Old Pacific Hway. Didn't break any land speed records just took it easy. Would like more practice to try & gain confidence & a little bit of speed wouldn't go astray.

    Not far away if you want to go for a ride sometime.
  13. Being a chick, I thought it would be even harder to 'be accepted' - especially when I don't even have a bike of my own. But my god, everyone's been great.

    Tossers are a part of life, bike or no bike. Just like any other situation, you can pick and choose who you want to be around.

    The mornington boys are the greatest (i'm not biased, really ;) ) but with so many members, even on here, you've just gotta get out there. :)
  14. You may find that your usual hangout of Livo KK's will bring about more of the ego strokers as opposed to the general riding community.
  15. Small :p
  16. I can't speak for anyone else, but when I give advice, it is always about a subject I know, and it meant to help. If I can stop one person making a silly mistake, or make someone's life easier, I'll speak up.
    I would say 99% of other posts I've read on Netrider are the same, if someone brags, it is almost always meant as a shit stir, and it is fully expected that there will be fun made of it! :LOL:
    You'l soon figure out who is genuine and who the shovellers are.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. two months is a good mile stone and i hope by now you have learned to ride how you want to ride.

    Have that mental toughness to say no, I am going to ride solo in a pack and ride this road my way. You dont need to prove that your balls are the biggest or you have a 14 inch cock...

    Oh in four months time leave the bike at home and go have a bevie with your riding buddies to celebrate!
  18. Thanks a whole heap for your advice guys. Actually the guys i meet up with at Liverpool KK's (www.roadrocketriders.com.au) are actually really cool. I have joined that group and been on rides with them they are cool. Its the random guys that come sometimes not all of them but some of them are just idiots.

    You guys seem very cool and mature and i hope to eaither ride with u guys one day or at the very least meet u guys. Have you guys read my crash post yet. I crashed at MT white.