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Been meaning to introduce myself for a while so here it is:)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by therock, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I've been meaning to introduce myself for a while but wasn't sure what to say in the intro.
    I'm 35 and from Sydney and love bikes.
    Technically i'm a beginner on motorbikes as I've only been riding with a license for 2 years.
    Prior to being licensed on motorised 2 wheels, I've had some fun on mopeds and used to do a lot of downhill mountainbiking.
    Getting my license was spurred on by changing jobs and trying to commute on Parramatta Road with a pushbike. Needless to say, the amount of abuse I copped was hilarious. I needed something faster that could keep up with traffic. I have now ditched cars altogether. I find them impractical if you work and live in Sydney, plus the mountain of parking fines was the nail in the coffin.
    What no one told me was that being on a motorcycle was going to be so much fun. Who needs meditation or relaxation retreats? Get on the bike and zen out.
    Now I ride 7 days a week for work and play.
    I has been a smooth sailing journey so far. I have a Honda CBF250 as my main ride.
    The CBF250 is totally amazing, considering it's only a 250 single it has worked flawlessly and even took me to phillip island and back without a hitch. I kept up with my mates on 650 and 1300cc bikes no worries.
    Trying to upgrade though has been a bit of a drama.
    I tried to purchase a Buell XB12ss and that's been tragic. I've posted part of my experiences in the dealers section and I'll update that thread soon.

    I'd like to thank all the riders out there that have waved to me while riding effectively welcoming me to an incredible world. I look forward to riding everyday rain hail or shine and will try to as long as I can.
    I would also like to thank all those that take time to post and reply to questions from those of us who aren't as knowledgeable as you.
    I look forward to reading and posting on this site and perhaps I can join in on some of the drink nights that go on.

    ps: big fan of the rock hence the avatar.

  2. Re: Been meaning to introduce myself for a while so here it

    Yeah...do they know which one's the throttle? :LOL:
  3. Hehe good stuff.

    Shame about the problems upgrading, what an awesome bike to upgrade to though!
  4. hi welcome :grin:
  5. TheYak,

    it was hard keeping up on the straights with headwind, however downhill and with a tail wind, I was up to 140 no worries.
    mostly the little thumper was able to sustain about 125 to 130 throughout the snowies, however with any form of side wind or front on wind, keeping it at 110 required 5th gear and 9000rpm as well as a full crouch :)
    ah yeah and uphill was fun.
  6. I had a little cbf250 as my first bike. I ended up selling it privately, as the dealers were insulting. It wasn't even 12 months old when I sold it. I used to ride it on the freeways to work, and it did 130 at a push. Revved its little head off. When i went to sell it tho, it had some major problems. Got it fixed under warranty, but probably wouldn't buy another one.
  7. Hehe, yeah there's something fun about flogging the piss out of the little bikes :grin: