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Been lurking a while

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kurnel, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Better introduce myself, been reading forums for a while and just paid up and joined as Premium member. I like to give back a bit to great sites like this that have so many people who are generous with their time and knowledge.

    Been riding bikes 40 odd years. Got my first at 8yo, a Honda XR80, but only recently got a license and now commute in Sydney on a BMW F700GS. Love the bike.

    Keen to get into some longer rides and maybe a weekend away here and there. Slowly building confidence on the road and having not done much road riding over the years plan to do some additional training courses in bike handling etc over the coming months. I need to do the training midweek, so if anyone knows anyone that does one on one or small groups midweek, let me know.

    Stay safe all


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  2. G'day, Enjoy
  3. G'day; welcome to NR.
  4. Well you might like THIS then.

    Hi and welcome by the way(y)
  5. Welcome to the forum mate

    Enjoy the ride!
  6. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  7. Welcome Kurnel
  8. Welcome mate :cool:
  9. Welcome to NR..
  10. Hi and welcome to NR! :happy:
  11. welcome aboard
  12. Welcome :)
  13. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  14. Welcome to NR mate
  15. Welcome kurnel. I thought we already had a kurnel but maybe spelt differently?
  16. KurnelKurnel gday mate. Welcome aboard :)

    I have only been riding for a couple of years and I actually just booked some rider training through stay upright at eastern creek (now it's called Sydney Motorsport park but it'll always be the creek to me...) - it's their "intermediate" course but from what I can gather it's for all skill levels and it's basically a helping hand to give a solid foundation from which to build and strengthen good roadcraft with some education about road safety and a chance to practise safe riding techniques on a closed circuit with skills that you can easily transfer to the road in day to day riding situations.

    Anyway I reckon it's on Monday September 19, it's a four hour thing from 8 til 12 or 8:30 til 12:30 or something, and it wasn't cheap - a few hundred bucks, but I guess it's better to spend the money now to create good riding habits as I think that'll be much cheaper (and safer) than trying to correct bad habits later on.

    Anyway send me a message if you want some more info. Cheers mate
  17. Welcome to nr.
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    gday KurnelKurnel and welcome to NR - guessing you may be a hobbit? :p

    no longer known as lurkurnel... KurnelKurnel instead !