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Been an interesting week...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Blaise, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Had some littl' shit at a school I work at remove my tank protector last Friday. Luckily, no damage to the paintwork occurred but damned inconvenient.

    That wasn't the only thing to happen to my Trumpy though (but I doubt this was an encore from the school crowd)... Ever had (or heard of) some sick turkey slackening off your rear axle nut?? Yup, I kid you not! Only noticed it last Saturday when I was adjusting the chain (and no, I definitely hadn't forgotten to tighten it from last time). Got a horrible sinking feeling of what could have been when I put the 27mm socket onto the nut only to find it loose! Well, I now have another thing I'll be doing in my pre-flight check from now on.

  2. I've had the clip removed from the masterlink ...
  3. I park my bike at the school I work out, just outside the staff offices. It has had some scratches on the tank a few weeks ago. It looks like someone was playing on it. I could put it in the staff car park, but I would be more concerned about it there.
  4. wouldn't it be nice if you could have finger-printed that axle nut?????
  5. Why? Cops couldn't do anything about it even presuming they had matching prints on file.
  6. Parked my bike at the beach, came back with sand on the seat, handle bars and tank area. I felt violated :(
  7. That sucks. It'd be nice to be able to electrify the bike when you leave it. That'd teach the shits.
  8. I have scratches on my bike from scooters and couple of weeks back came back to find a massive scratch down the centre of my tank :(
    Parking in the city... it's a price you have to pay for idiots.

    I got over it because at the end the bike is just another object.

    But when someone endangers someone by loosening nuts that's just crazy!
  9. I too draw the line at letting people put spanners down my pants.