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Been a while!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by grey342, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Hey guys been ages since I've hopped on here just thought I'd let everyone know how the bikes going!

    I'm close to hitting 2000kms, which is nothing for a lot of you guys, but since I've never driven and jumped straight onto a bike I'd like to think its not to bad, They'll be racking up a lot quicker now though as I've reached the point of comfort, I'm comfortable on my bike and am having an absolute blast!

    I learn something new and helpful every time I go out, weather it's some advice I hear or something I change (riding position/feet position etc)

    Last weekend Dad and I went up to king lake and back, my first proper twisty ride (I regret not going sooner) Any who It was absolutely terrifying on the way down I've never been so scared in my life but at the same time the adrenaline was unreal and as scared as I was I'm waiting to go right back up and do it again!

    Lastly I'm getting my bike fixed up, getting the tank fixed 'full resprayed (matte black, I cant resist..) Some new bars and a new front fender. Oh and some new foam for my seat as the longer rides aren't as comfortable as they could be.

    Anyway long post, Hope it's in the write part of the forums, if not my bad!. Take care all :D
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  2. Congrats on your 2000 mate - a significant milestone for sure :) My first ride through the twisty bits saw me pull the clutch to shift gears going down, and I forgot (froze) to let it back out.. free-wheeling down a hill isn't fun! Lesson learned as they say (y)

    Don't forget to post up some before'n'after shots of your bike.. should look sweet after everything's done (I hear ya about the seat.. tho it's not as bad as I thought it'd be on my bike)
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  3. You and Dad should come to Saturday practice and meet us all.
  4. Hehe Thank you :D and yeah I've frozen through a few corners ahh it's weird but indeed lesson learnt!

    And I sure will post some before/after pics, Only a few months left till I'll get started on her. woo! (I have a mint Idea as to what I'm going to do know even though I've chopped and changed a lot, I think I'm set so yeah looking forward to showing it's progress! :D
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  5. We've been up before, bout a month back, We'll be sure to stop by again soon though. :)
  6. Nice to hear from you again mate - glad everything is working out well.

    As @hawklord said - get yourself and Dad back to practice to catch up.