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Been a while

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ScottyD, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. G'day all. I haven't really looked at this site for about twelve years (long time between bikes:nopity:). Back then Zeebee Johnson was entertaining/educating everyone about her Guzzi Le Mans. Still around Zeebee? It still seems to be one of the best sites around for help with you bike, I'll probably annoy the crap out of you all with stupid questions very soon.

    Anyway, I've finally been able to get back onto two wheels. So good, wish I'd never sold my last bike. That was an XT600 (old kick start one, but absolutely bullet proof), which I modified with an ex-army long range tank, etc. Brilliant ride, and I had intended to go something similar this time (thinking Tenere), but my wife said flat out that she wouldn't get onto the back of another chook-chaser. She likes the cruiser style, so long story short, I ended up with a beautiful Suzuki C50 Boulevard. I bought it from a great older bloke up near Grafton (if you're out there Brian, cheers mate - she's a cracker). Interesting ride back, not having ridden for over ten years, and even then never really on a cruiser style bike. Night time, wet roads (deadly section of Pacific Hwy), trucks both oncoming as well as right up the blurter, and well, you get the picture.

    That was a couple of months ago now, and I'm starting to gel with the bike nicely. The only real modifications I'm planning are a sissy bar, as well as the exhaust (separate post to come shortly). The previous owner did a great job, fitting proper Suzuki windscreen, crash bars, saddlebags, gel seat and white walls. Ok, enough crapping on. I just tried to upload a picture, but it looks like I've got to suss out how to compress it a bit (new to this stuff), so I'll post an image later. In the mean time, I hope to hear from many of you all in time. Cheers.

  2. G'day Scottie. Welcome back.

    Had an '01 model XT600 for a while. Put about 60 k on it. Nice little old lady didn't see it in the rain and the pre-dawn darkness and did a U-turn straight into it. Unfortunately I was nearby at the time and suffered some leg and foot damage. I know just where you're coming from about the seat warmer. Mine said the exact same sentence to me. So I went and bought a ZX14 to replace it. The XT - not the cook.
  3. Welcome Scotty.
  4. Hey Kneedragon, thanks for the reply. Sad to hear that your poor old XT has gone to God (hopefully you weren't too dented).

    Sounds like a nice change of plan with the ZX. Hope the cheese & kisses likes that one at least. Mine's a funny old thing. She's only been on once so far. Said she doesn't want to get on again until we can put a sissy bar on (I'm not that hard a rider, surely). Lucky I'm quite happy tootling along on my own for the time being.

    Anyway, all the best and keep the rubber side down (do yous still say that here?).
  5. Nice one, cheers minglis.
  6. Welcome Scott, it's good to be back, eh?
  7. I haven't spent a lot of time sitting on the back of a cruiser while someone else rides it, but I've done it once or twice, and I have to say - it's bloody uncomfortable, and you have to lean back because the rider does, and if there's nothing in the way of a backrest, your tummy and abs get a serious workout. Falling off the back is probably not all that likely, but it always feels like you're about to.

    The foot's a mess, and the bike is in Valhalla, but the compo paid for the 14, and that's a much nicer beast, so it's not all bad.
  8. Thanks Paul. It sure is, and at least this time I'm not just lurking. I've got loads of moronic newbie questions to drive you all mad (planning to spread them out). Anyway, nice to start 'meeting' you guys.
  9. Hmm, good points. Fair enough then I guess. I think it'll look good too.

    I haven't really had a 'nice' bike before, one that I actually have to keep clean. I find myself becoming unusually style conscious, and seem to be reveling in my new 'poser' status.
    Is it wrong to try & perve on yourself riding by in shop windows? Am I a bad person now?
  10. LOL. I don't know. Do you want to be bad? Repeat after me


    Now try that in the shop window.

    I had a kid about 6 watch me get off the bike the other day, and he came up as I was taking my helmet off, and he said to me "Who are you?" But the tone of hushed awe got to me a bit. It was like Are you Batman? What troubles me is that I'm still giggling about it. I think that's not right...
  11. You sick, sick puppy (sounds like I'm in appropriate company).
  12. You really need a super hero name now.... (and a cape!!!)
  13. A cape... I dunno. I have plenty of scope to make myself look like a dick now. I don't need a cape to fall over, or drag down massive stock displays in supermarkets, wrap around the chain like Lorenzo's national flag, or get sucked into the jet engine like on The Incredibles... You know, I'm in training for my Darwin Award - I don't want to be seen to be cheating.
  15. Bugger! I wish I'd seen this one before I'd bought my leathers. Maybe I can still buy some red speedos and wear them on the outside.....
  16. Welcome to NR & welcome back to riding, Scotty. I've recently got back into riding as well and am enjoying every minute of it. Should have done it sooner so am making up for the lost time. :p

    My previous bike had a kick start as well and that was great fun. hehe. Miss it sometimes though. :D
  17. Zebee is still going strong over at aus.motorcycles and as passionate about Moto Guzzis as ever.
  18. Cheers Lazy Libran. It definitely is good to be riding again. Not so sure about this irrational desire to clean my bike each time though.

    I don't miss the kick start though. It was great when she wanted to play ball, but when she got into a mood, I'd suddenly find myself running out of swear words & making up new ones instead (which my wife thought was piss-funny at the time).
  19. Thanks Bumblebeeman. I'll have to pop over there & say g'day when I get a chance. I learned a lot from reading her posts (yeah, I was a lurker there too). Cheers.
  20. Haha Classic! BTW, thanks for sending the videos, they were great (finally got a chance to watch them, but forgot to thank you)

    ScottyD, welcome back, probably see you around the coast sometime. I'm on a yellow CB400.