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Beemer Superbike - Front Right Fork fittings

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mjt57, May 1, 2008.

  1. The latest AMCN has a picture of the new Beemer Superbike. If you have a close look the front right fork has an attachment that looks like a mini-damper of sorts.

    I've seen the same thing fitted to GP bikes. First time that I've seen one fitted to a sports/superbike, though.

    Anyone here know what its purpose is?
  2. I think it has something to do with data acquisition.
  3. I was looking at that on the pic that appeared on NR a couple of weeks ago and wondered myself.

    Yeah, could easily be a position transducer. Hadn't thought of that.
  4. I believe it's a reservoir of sorts. I seem to remember reading about it when a mag was comparing the Ductai desmosedici RR and the GP7
  5. It's the standard Ohlins racing fork. IIRC, these forks are pressurised. Having the stuff on the outside maintains peformance.

    Check any of the racing teams with Ohlins forks and they all feature this external tube.
  6. Maybe you are getting the external reservoir mixed up with this thing that I'm talking about?


    You'll see what looks like a skinny damper or shock absorber for those more familiar with that term. It is affixed to the fork leg on the outside of the reservoir and has a red body with some sort of label on it. It appears to be totally separate from the fork leg itself.
  7. It's a fork position sensor, used to measure fork travel/position for various sections of the track. Assists with selecting the correct spring rate, and compression/rebound damping settings.
  8. Yup, mixed up.

    Flux is correct.
  9. +1 flux. Probably also assists correct operation of traction control/wheelie control/etc.
  10. Thanks guys. Had an idea that it might be something like that but because it is similar in appearance to a hydraulic damper I wasn't sure.

    Just wonder how it is constructed.
  11. Here is the same kind of device fitted to a Honda 125GP bike, to measure rear suspension travel.