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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Peregrine, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. This I reckon is the first time I've been scared since I've started riding.

    I went for a ride around Cotter this arvo and turned into the tracking station (and obviously noone has any idea of what I'm talking about cause noone's from canberra... but anyway).

    I'm listening to my music on my mp3 player, relaxing and enjoying the ride, doing about 130 up this hill when I notice a few black things hanging in the air about 5m in front of me. A split second later, BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!!! And all of a sudden I can't see half the road and everything is just yellowish and blurry. It was like a minigun had just sprayed my visor and I was just like %#@*!! I thought I must have ridden into swarm of locusts or something but I could make out partial bee bodies stuck on my fuel tank. And I realised. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! AAAAARGH! ^$#!
    I was scared shiteless thinking that some of the suriving pissed off bees will start stinging the living daylights out of me. When I was a kid I used to watch these movies with killer African bees and killer ants taking over cities and stinging everyone to death lol so I was rather uncomfortable... I reckon I took out a good 40-50 of them in one hit.

    Anyway, that was my adrenaline rush today. Call me a sissy or a girl but I'm not a fan of creepy crawlies. Especially leeches and ticks. I've had nightmares about them lol.

  2. Couldn't imagine riding through a swarm. Had a major swarm invade the house last year and that was pretty impressive. You did well not to get stung!
  3. last Reefton Ride with the Kawasaki guys
    (I did meet GSX_Busa and a few others at marysville)

    I got stung on the back of the neck by a bee whilst riding
    down Chum creek rd into Healesville...
    went through a swarm and one got caught in the collar of the jacket
    and it obviously objected to me trying to flick it out while riding along...
    f#$*#g hurts..the ol' bee sting
    very lucky i am not allergic... lots are!

    One other of our group got stung too....on the guts
    (went down the front of the jacket...ouch!)

  4. I came across a swarm on a ride down the GOR once, I was lucky enough not to get stung but the sound as I plowed through them was a shock. It was like being hit in the visor with a hand full of gravel. :shock:
  5. The funniest thing I think I have ever, ever, ever seen involved bees. Mates and I used to go riding in the bush up around whian whain, bungabee and other places on the north coast of NSW. Had one mate who was forever singing when he rode. Anywho, one day there were a group of 6 of us including said rider(from now on known as Brett). After a bit of a blast around whian whian I was in front of everyone so decided to stop and wait forthem to catch up. 1 by 1 they turned up until we were waiting on Brett. Eventually he popped out of the bush. As he approached we could hear ghaalllballlaaahhhbbbblgahhh....bklaahaaa coming from under his helmet. Well the inevitable had happened. As he was trundling along having a sing a bee decided to inspect his tongue. Brett must have upset the bee cause it decide to sting him on the tongue. I think about 3 of us fell off our bike laughing.
  6. I'm with you there Peregrine.
    I would have probably jumped off my bike....... whilst still moving! :shock:
  7. Heya,

    OMG :shock: :shock: I would have fallen off trying to swatt them away and screaming :oops:

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. What happened was the remains of the bees flicked underneath my visor (cause it doesn't close properly) and all the gooie stuff started flying into my face. I can still taste the bee juices... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    And it didn't taste like honey!!
  9. I like bees.

    We used to have a hive in the back garden, not intentionally but they decided out compost bin was a great place to stay. They built honey comb and everything - I'd spend hours outdoors just watching. I''ll take up beekeeping when I retire.

    Maybe in future a veil may help ;)
  10. Hey we had bees at our Garden centre last year. It was really funny, coz we normally have a few bees around because of all the flowers. Some of the bees must have thought Damn this is a cool place we don't have to travel far, so they set up camp. We did not know for a while, the bees just kept on increasing in numbers, untill one day it was getting beyond a joke. Had to shoo off the clients for a little period because they were out in numbers. Couple of days later one of the staff was dismantling one of the displays and low and behold a friggin hive with a truck load of honey comb. Got some apriasts in and they smoked em up :shock:, got all the honey comb and bees. Left some honey comb for us to eat mmmmmmmmmmmmm honey comb.

  11. As harrowing as that was it'd have been worse for me...

    I AM one of those allergic.

    While I was an L plate driver one bit me on the hand, in the middle of a sweeping turn, and I was lucky not to lose it...

    "Mum, please take the Bee out of my hand..."

    "Shit, you're allergic."

    "Yes. Thanks. Now please take the stinger out of my hand as well..."

    Means I'm allergic to Bullants and I think Wasps as well...

    If I'd been you Peregrine I'd have been torn between wanting to pull over to clean everything and make sure there weren't any Bees on me, or putting as much distance between myself and the swarm as possible...
  12. So far in my riding career, I've had three so far, but INSIDE MY HELMET!

    Now considering I'm allergic to the suckers, I was scarred shitless each time.

    Thankfully, each time, I've managed to remain calm enough to pull over safety and get the suckers out.

    I reckon what's happened, is they've hit my chest, or neck area and ricoched upwards into my helmet.

    Its not a nice feeling, I tell you :(
  13. I think I am csls22, screaming and swatting with a bit of praying [-o<
  14. I have been hit in the visor by a handfull of gravel! Turn 1 at Phillip Island at about 200k's in an open car, a car in front spun and kicked up a cloud of gravel. Now THAT was an experience! (stuffed the visor good and proper) :evil:
  15. I rode through a swarm of them ages ago.

    Had one flying around in my visor, opened visor and out it flew.

    Rode for a further 20 mins to work looking at all the guts and honey that I was coated in thing, shit! that was ugly.

    1 corner before work I was stung on the stomach.
    Get to work, park bike, frantically get my shirt off and find the little sucker draging his arse around, flick him off and remove the stinger.
    Sigh relief, then my workmates tell me that there are 3 stingsers in my neck, remove them and washed the neck with alcohol wipes from the first aid kit.

    Looks like I can handle pricks.

    Must be why I rode a motorcycle :)
  16. I hit a swarm just outside of Geelong ages ago (at Waurn Ponds - came round the corner, straight into them).
    I still haven't been able to get all the bug bits out of the top vent on my helmet! :evil:
  17. I wonder how the insurance companies and coppers would call a "single vehicle accident" caused by a swarm of bees. Would this be in the same league as accidents caused by that little black dog that often runs across the road!!!
  18. I think you did well Peregrine (and the others who have run into a swarm) to stay on your bike! I suppose it is almost the equivalent of the 'ol "huntsman drop after flipping the sun visor trick" whilst in cages.

    I've always thought of bees to be reasonable creatures in that they will only usually sting if they feel their life is in danger, whereas wasps will just have a go for the fun of it. Not always entirely true but certain is in the majority of cases.
  19. Oh they are reasonable creatures but when I had just wiped out some of it's brothers and sisters and just did attempted murder on its life, I'd say Mr little furry bee would be rather angry... lol :)
  20. I'm lucky to have avoided bees for now, but I rode through a swarm of big moth-like bugs once... had to hide behind my screen but my helmet was absolutely covered in them... was actually kinda cool coz the sun was low behind them so they glowed :D