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QLD Beechmont, oil/diesel deliberately spilled by locals

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by BodenM, May 24, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, just a heads up for SE-QLD riders, Beechmont locals have put oil down on the corners today, I wouldn't be going anywhere near it on a bike (or car for that matter). Passing the message on from a local car group I'm in on Facebook, a rider in a different group that was up there earlier this morning also said there was no oil when he was there, so it's been spilled during the day, which pretty much 100% pegs it as being locals. I hope they get caught, they're toying with people's lives here.

  2. It's only Tuesday ... so I doubt an intentional spill.

    Beechmont always deserves rider respect.
  3. From what I've been told it's only been spilled on/around the center lines on every corner for about half of the way up, too consistent to be unintended spillage, and there's absolutely none on the sides of the roads like you'd expect to see if it was accidental. Although multiple people have been on the blower to the council and they're out there at the moment starting to clean the road up.
  4. Fairly odd place to do deliberate spills. More likely centrifugal effect from an uncapped tank.
    Of course this area is known for being inhabited by dickheads so nothing would surprise me ... I know this for a fact as I too am a proud dickhead :p

    I'd be more convinced if there were spills at the Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd / Pine Creek Rd Intersection where most of the burnouts happen.
  5. pricks - is one of my usual routes
  6. If this is done intentionally, surely it has a risk of tripping up anyone, not just 'hoons'? Like imagine a family in their SUV coming down Neebo and there is an oil spill on the corner that the driver doesn't see until the last minute. People just don't think...
  7. I was up and down Beechmont today and the spill was obviously on a few of the sharper left hand corners just where you'd expect it to be from a tank spill .... in no way did it appear 'deliberate' ...

    Apparently some cars had a bit of a slide and a bike went arse-up at the time but that's about it. The council have been out....you could still smell it though in a couple of places.
  8. Just FYI Beechmont Road (towards the Lower Beechmont / GC side is owned by Main Roads). The other side of Beechmont Road (from the round about to Canungra is owned by Council).

    If it is on Main Roads side, go to 131940 or call 13 90 40 and wait till the automated voice finishes talking / giving latest updates and then tell the Traffic Management Operator the details -They'll send out clean up crews much quicker than by jumping on the Facebook website.

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