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SA Bee Swarm (Near Birdwood SA)

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by ferkel, Oct 13, 2016.

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    Rode through the biggest European Bee swarm this arv (about 3pm). Here:


    The swamp was 50m wide. This really shook me up. The local bee keeper has been contacted. I was lucky not to get stung. So avoid this section of the road for the next day or so while the Apiculturist deals with them.

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  2. Where's the "swamp?"
  3. European bee or wasps? Difference....
  4. Always hooray for bees. On principle. Perhaps not riding through them though..
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  5. pretty common through that area, and also Inglewood too.
    anywhere there are orchards you will find more and more people putting hives there, especially this time of year for pollination...
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  6. Yes, it's swamps, and it's killer wasps, 200 of them :p. On a serious note: I knew this swarm may/may not have hung around. As it turned out, they were gone after a few hours. I've met many riders who are severely allergic to bees. I would rather say something, than nothing, then discover somebody died. As I said, this was a big swarm. I have no idea how I didn't get stung multiple times. My body can take 1 or 2 stings, but who knows how many more. I may not have been around to post this warning.
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  7. Glad you made it back safe & sound ferkelferkel
  8. i copped a bee today, had my jacket 2/3rds open as it was nice and warm.
    little bastard got under my t shirt and stung me on the upper chest when i pulled into a servo :emoji_bee:
    was just pretty itchy most of the arvo, had a bit of a nap when i got home. woke up and then noticed it's pretty swollen around the bite and around my neck a little too, and red.
    now it just feels like a bruise just under my throat, that's pretty tender, still itching like shit though but trying not to scratch it. :overreact:

    Bee Sting.