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Bee stuck in helmet!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MYOMNOMS, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. So today I was riding home, and I was attacked, that's right, attacked, by a lone, drug-addled bee! :eek:hno: He ended up getting stuck in my helmet's top vent. I tried to get him out with a pair of tweezers when I got home but now I have half a bee stuck in my helmet's vent.

    Anyone had a similar experience? If anyone has any tips please do share, I'd be forever grateful! I have and AGV K3 and the bee is stuck in the top right vent if that matters :)


  2. Be grateful he went into the vent and didn't end up buzzing around your face.

    I hit a bee on the top of my chest, just where the opening of my collar was, and the bugger stung me. I was trying to merge traffic as I'd just ridden onto the captain cook bridge. It felt like I'd taken a cricket ball to the chest from a good middle paced delivery. It challenges your powers of concentration a bit.

    I also had some people catch a big huntsman spider and tuck him into my helmet, which I had been stupid enough to leave with the bike, and I'd parked the bike (a small jap commuter) amid a pack of Harleys up the 'cross, because I thought I was a funny b#gger. I discovered him while I was splitting between cars and a bus @ 60k down king william street towards the city. I think he was a bit annoyed with me, because he was running around very fast in circles on my face, and I have a huge spider phobia. How I got stopped without being run over, I'll never know. I got the helmet off and evicted the squatter, then had a huge dummy spit and headed back up the 'cross to have words with the practical jokers. For perhaps a minute, I spoke firmly to about a dozen patch wearing bikies about the fine dividing line between funny and murderous, with a loud voice and some blue language and gestures for emphasis. Several of them were rolling around on the footpath in helpless fits of laughter. One came over and gently and kindly but firmly took me by the arm and led me away, before my rant managed to actually offend anybody. It's possible I dodged a bullet twice in ten minutes that night.
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  3. Your lucky, My mate had one fly into his helmet once and it bit him on the face!

    Once I was riding along 2up and my girlfriend started frantically hitting me so I pulled over and she dived off the bike screaming, rips her helmet off and it's a tiny Christmas beetle haha.
  4. Oh man, that would suck.

    Thanks for that spider story, I think I'll be carrying my helmet with me where ever I go
  5. :rofl:
    Absolute GOLD.


    Oh man. If that bee thing happened to me, I'd have a massive stack and die I'm sure.

    OP, try spraying something non-harmful to the helmet through the vent to flush it out. Thumb over the garden hose or something.
  6. Don't you stack anyway? :p

    I sympathize with the spider, those little bastards are scary.
  7. I'll never live it down, will I?
    Yes but not bad enough to die!
  8. As for getting the bee out, take the internal padding out and find where the vent enters the helmet. Stick an air blower in and blow it back out with compressed air. Better off trying to send him out the way he came in
  9. I feel your pain KD, I have a massive spider phobia! I wouldn’t have managed to go back and abuse them though. I would have died from a heart attack!

    Absolutely love the way your tale is written, I was literally about to fall off the chair from laughter! :rofl:
  10. This.
    A bike pump or air hose at a servo should work if you don't have a compressor
  11. @KD, haha. Awesome story. I would flipped out too.

    As for the bees, I do find them a bit of a concern coz I'm allergic to them. I hope I never pick one up as a passenger.

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  12. I am shit scared of spiders yet am the one with the broom to scoot or collect the huntsmans when they stroll in to our house.
    in a helmet, a heartattack might be on the cards so mate, between that and the guy that got 'touched' by the ute, my hat off to you for mainting control of your bike!!
  13. Was riding on the freeway on a hot day a few months after getting my L's. Visor up going about 80km/hr due to a bit of traffic, did a head check and heard a slight thud on the helmet. Rolled into ex-work driveway past the smoking hut (chemical plant...so smoking is out the front), first they wave and as I turned to give them a nod their eyes just lit up and all started pointing at me...WTF?! Parked the bike, took the helmet off and what do you know...a fat wasp stuck between the visor and the visor holder thing. It dived head in first, still alive with its fat arse and stinger pointing outward. Lucky it got jammed in there instead of padding and cheek, would have had one hell of a swollen cheek otherwise.

    Also had a huntsman surprise me once when it crawled from behind the gauges while I was stopped at a set of lights on an incline. Stalled the bike as I freaked out (had clutch in, in 1st), regained composure and manned up. I wacked it and managed to semi kill it...I think I got 2 or 3 of its legs and maybe stunned it...it wasn't moving nor was its internals squashed all over the tacho. Picked it up by one of its legs and held it up...enough for the cars around me to see what I had accomplished. One lady in a "4WD" looked in shock as I held the spider to my left and just dropped it on the ground. Lucky...during this whole ordeal, the lights were red.
  14. been stung twice while riding.. It happens and it's amazing how much control you maintain in that situation..

    Speaking of spiders - taken from my post @ https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?p=1683557#post1683557

    Many years ago I was hit by a ciggie butt thrown by a guy in a open top car. At the same time a huntsman climbed up over my speedo. You can guess where the spider ended up. He jumped out of his car, leaving it in the middle lane of springvale road causing a bit of a traffic jam. I went on my merry way
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  15. Damn.....lucky the bugger flew into the vent and not up your nose :D

    I had ants in my helmet over the weekend - cheeky little critters kept trying to get into my ears! Makes your skin crawl.....ooh man...
  16. Had one in the neck, same as kneedragon. Was about 2-3 minutes before I could do anything about it. Doesn't hurt that much until it's been pumping in there for a while.
  17. Keep this number handy -

  18. Whilst i cant say i've had a bee stuck in my helmet or vent (still aint got my bike licence. sigh)
    I once was driving through a 100 zone, mid summer, both windows down in the front
    big cross wind blew a bee through the passengers window, missed my passenger, hit me smack bang in the middle of the forehead, stinging me at the same time.

    as 1 has already said, felt like i'd been hit square in the head with a cricket ball at full pace :/

    pulled over for 5 or 10mins till the pain went away
    found the dead sucker on the back seat the following day.
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    This thread is up there with the vomiting inside your helmet one - fortunately the day it happened to me was in my open face helmet days.

    Hahaha thanks guys.
    No bees for me, but swarms of those tiny bugs that hang around lights at night in an open face helmet at 100ish... up the nose, in the teeth, stinging the skin... comes close.

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