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Bee in the helmet

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Big_Col, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Went for a ride today around to a friends place- nice weather, sunny all that stuff. Hung the helmet on the bike's helmet ring and went inside for a while.

    Jumped on to go home, and 50 meters up the road see a ^%*( bee flying around in front of my eyes inside the visor. Don't know how it got in there but glad I was able to lift the visor and have it disappear without a sting....

    Made me think though - should have checked the helmet before putting it on, but what are the odds?

    Anyone else had a bug problem like this or was it just bad luck (on my fifth ride or so). Lucky it wasn't on top of my head I suppose.

    Guess I'm gonna check in future.

  2. i had a bee smash me in the face at 100kph, visor was up, sunnies on, thing was stuck on my face till i could stop, dosnt tickle either
  3. not a bee... but i was up on the spur n some big ant thing got in... had to stop to open the visor :LOL: glad it wasnt a bee or wasp though :LOL:
  4. cant say i've had a bee in a helmet on a bike or anything

    but i remember 1 hot sunny day, about 38 degree's me and my mate were cruisin in my car and both of our windows were down

    a bee came flying through the window, (i was in a 100kph zone) and hit me in the forehead

    stung me on impact
    definately didnt tickle, gave me a huge headache pretty much on the spot
    forehead went red and all ;s

    was nasty!
  5. Had a bee hit me in the face once. Visor was up so I could enjoy the breeze.

    The little bugger crawled all the way through my beard and stung me on the throat. :shock:

    Found out that I'm not allergic to bee stings and that they don't actually hurt as much as you think they will. But not by much.
  6. I had the same thing happen to me on King Street, Melbourne.
    Felt something smack me just under my eye which at first I thought was a small stone. Was just thanking my lucky stars that it missed my eye when I felt a buzzing in my beard.
    A quick swerve to the side of the road to remove my helmet, whilst trying to keep my mouth closed as tight as possible, saw me doing what other road users must have imagined to be a crazed dance. Slapping my lower face and shaking my helmet around like a maracca.

    Lesson learned. Visors are nice to have open on good weather days but beware of the flying buzz saws.
  7. A few weeks ago while riding towards Healesville with wife as pillion, had a bee hit me on the neck and because of the speed we were travelling, was forced inside my helmet. I didn't know it went up at the time and continued on. Then after a few minutes I noticed it sitting on the lip where the bottom of the visor meets the helmet, on the inside.

    As it wasn't moving, apart from sliding across my vision, I assumed it was dead. Didn't want to open the visor, to not force it up towards my eyes. A few minutes before Healesville, I'm now watching the little bugger fluttering away trying to get up. The last thing I wanted was it getting peeved and going ballistic on my face looking for an escape route. Couldn't find a safe spot to pull over and freak the wife out, had to wait till I made it to a set of lights in town. Once there, up goes the visor, lean head forward and it drops on the tank, where I flick it off.

    Usually ride with visor up, but this one still found a way to get in.
  8. I pulled up at Stanwell Tops one day to watch some hanggliders and grab a hotdog before heading through RNP. Unfortunately I made the mistake of parking near a garbage bin, didnt think anything of it at the time. After my rest break I jammed the helmet on and took off. I had to stop 3 times going through the national park. A swarm of those tiny gnats had made a home in my helmet while I was parked. I wasnt worried about being stung obviously but the thought - and feel - of them crawling all over my face was too much to bear. Everytime I stopped I though I'd got them all out but then more would crawl out of the padding once I got going again. Kind of spoiled the run home :(
  9. That bee that smashed into Goz's face , poor bee , it had to go and get a tetanus shot.
  10. I was riding down the M1 south of Brisbane with my visa up and hit a dragonfly which lodged itself between my cheek and the inside of my helmet.

    It lodged itself in far enough that I couldn't get it out with a gloved hand, and as there were roadworks at the time there was nowhere to pullover. I had to ride about 5km with this thing squirming around trying to get out until I could stop and take my helmet off.
  11. Yeah had the same thing. was turning right into maroondah hwy in lilydale and a bee was on my visor 1/2 open (i thought outside) so i quickly closed it, it was still there so gave the visor a wipe with my hand but the bee was still there, inside....**panic** so had to try to open my visor while turning the corner then flick it out. Luckily it took the hint without getting angry.
  12. Just to quickly point out if people were not sure. But bee sting accumulates... So say you might be allergic, but only after 5 stings, or 10 stings etc. Or at least thats what I was told when I did my first aid course. So take each bee sting at least semi seriously. To say you've been stung 3-4 times before, you aren't allergic could be a little dangerous. Just mentioning it as some people might not know.

    Anyway, I always check my helmet before putting it on. If I found a spider crawling inside of it while going along, I'd have a heart attack. So I need to check. As for stuff flying... I got hit by a suicidal moth on my first decent ride, so I try and keep the visor down most of the time. I've got an X11 tho, so its got a bit better venting than some other helmets I guess.
  13. Jeepers, some people getting whacked one by bees or what? Never thought about it to be honest, although riding out to the farm will definitely see its fair share of flies, moths and grasshoppers on my bike and helmet.

    I suppose now when somone asks why I go around on my RS like I'm Casey Stoner, racing crouch and all, I can reply with confidence...

    "I'm avoiding the bees!" :LOL:

    - boingk
  14. i feel sorry for all those oldies with open helmets
    i've only been stung through a car window, couldnt imagine what its like on a bike!!
  15. During our learner course we would rest our helmets on the ground when we weren't using them :) Alot of people got ants in them! :LOL:
  16. havn't had anything 'dangerous' get caught in there but my fair share of random annoying bugs have appeared. unfortunately small stones and bugs seem to have an instinctual ability to hit me right between the eyes whenever travelling fast enough for it to hurt. im sure it makes for very entertaining viewing for all the other road users watching me react as if iv been shot in the face while cruising along haha. for the record i enjoy riding visor up, sunnies on in any decent weather
  17. My favourite time was when i had a massive huntsman crawl over my visor then sat in plain view till i found a spot to pull over, rip my helmet off and flick the prick off.

    Was definitely a freaky moment! :LOL:
  18. Chalk me up for the "Bee Club" as well. Like TOMatoPASTE I prefer riding with sunnies on and visor up when weather and riding conditions permit. Visor down just makes me feel like I'm driving in a car and where's the fun in that?

    So, my first encounter was riding along at about 70 on one of the major roads in Sydney, warm day, light traffic, visor up and having a great time. The next thing I know, ZOT! Something shot into my open visor and lodged itself between my left temple and helmet liner. My first reaction was "what the hell was that and where did it come from". Then it starts buzzing and common sense goes out the window to be replaced by fear and a strong survival instinct!

    I imagine that anyone following behind me that day must have thought that I had just lost my mind. I'm riding along at 70 and then start smacking myself vigorously on the left side of my helmet trying to kill whatever was inside.

    Initially I thought I was successful as no more buzzing occurred, but then I feel something crawl down the back of my neck and under the collar of my jacket! Apply brakes vigorously, pull off at a conveniently located petrol station, stop, side stand down, hop off bike, rip of jacket, throw it to the ground and then stomp on it repeatedly.

    So, now I've regained a little bit of control I pick up the jacket and give it a bit of a shake looking for whatever bit of wildlife was hidden inside. Up flies Wally the indestructible Wasp and off he goes happily into the distance. I can't believe my luck at having a wasp stuck in with me through all that and he didn't sting me once. Must have been a Zen Wasp.

    Second encounter was also riding in Sydney, hot summer day so visor is up, jacket is unzipped at top to allow air flow and cooling and off down the road I go to the shops. Next second something hits me in the middle of the forehead at about 60 kmh. "Bloody hell, that hurt" I thought, wondering what it might have been.

    My curiousity was shortly curtailed though after I realised it was a Bee, that after being stunned and angered by encoutering my forehead, had then dropped down the front of my jacket. After a few seconds it had recovered enough to be able to sting on the left side of my chest. Now that hurt, but it was also a very bizarre sensation riding along concentrating on the road while feeling the poison from the sting spread through the muscle. Not an experience I'd recommend.

    Kind of related but not a Bee story: on a long distance tour I was cruising through the SA country side and had the unfortunate distinction of riding through a swarm of large grasshoppers. Hundreds and hundreds of the buggers, all over my visor, helmet, bike, jacket, I was just covered with them! Stopped at the next petrol station and used the squeegee to wash myself down while still wearing helmet and jacket. Took a bit longer to get the bug bits out of the air vents :(
  19. I haven't had a bee yet, but several times now i've had insects hit my face, then crawl into the helmet and into my ear. It makes for some interesting riding, trying to stay upright with this thing buzzing away in my ear and trying to pry it out! :LOL:
  20. OMG !! :shock:

    My best friends son was riding the other day ..

    bee got inside visor an bit him on the cheek :mad: ...

    He hit a curb an came off the bike ... dislocated right shoulder :shock:

    and broke a bone in his left wrist !! :eek:

    otherwise he's fine :roll: