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Bee at 80 K's!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fastkid, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Today on the way to uni, boundary road I coped a bee in my helmet! I freaked out and pulled over.. now I have a red mark on the face. I didnt find the bee but was a sudden shock to the system being on the L's.

    Has anyone actually had this happen to them?

  2. yep, got stung in the neck doin 80kays. found the bee still somewhat alive and kicking in my jacket when I got home, just thought is was a REALLY painful rock or somethign untill then.
  3. If the bee was flying towards you, it would have hit even FASTER :eek:

    ... every splattered, ended life on my visor is a reminder why I wear a full-face helmet :)

    I did hear a good story about a guy who had a huntsman in his helmet and didn't realise until it ran across his visor while he was riding at 80k's :eek:
    Apparently he very calmly and professionally:
    -Slowed down.
    -Pulled over.
    -Turned the bike off.
    -Put the side-stand down.
    -Hopped off the bike.
    -Undid helmet strap.
    -Removed helmet.
    -Placed it on the ground.
    -... and freaked the hell out :grin:

    I check for spiders now.
  4. Hmmmm, that's why my helmet lives in a breatheable bag when I am not wearing it!
    I had a cockroach crawl out of my helmet at the P's test when I put it on the ground next to my bike! I am not sure if teh cockroach got in there from sitting the helmet down in the classroom, or was there when I rode in to the test centre. Either way, it's not happening again!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I remember a ride with "zazen and urban". While riding, urban got some bug or something into his helemet with the visor down and it bit around the eye. Pulled over and his eye was all red.
  6. OMG....that freakin me out know - am gonna be on the alert for spiders now...uuuuurrrggghhhh

    Most freaky I've had was pulling out of old carport around the back of the flats (overgorwn trees and bushes etc) and was starting to wander up the road when noticed out of the corner of my eye - the legs of a huntsman on the tank...must have worked its way up when I was dithering putting my gear on...that was freaky enough for me...

  7. Gah! Nasty stuff. I remember reading somewhere (probably here) about a guy dying when he copped a dragonfly to the eye... Now I'm very wary of riding with the visor up if I don't have wrap-around sunnies on.
  8. Had a Huntsman walk up from behind and sit on my speedo once... thats cool except I don't know where he was before that!

    Indicated, pulled over on emergency lane of SE freeway and politely swept him off speedo onto road.....squish! :evil:
  9. Ive had the odd bug now and then get themselves a free ride sitting on my speedo and such.
    Depends on my mood as to whether I will move them along or take them for a little spin.

    Last time I was on a decent run I picked up this strange looking thing on the speedo and he was there for a good few hundred k's.

    I let him tag along til he felt it was time to say farewell.
    I kept looking down to him to make sure he was still with me and was ok.
    Was nice to have a friend along for a bit.
    Must have been a rider himself because I think he was leaning with me around the corners as I hardly knew he was there :)
  10. yeh I was wearing sunnies lucky enough... it bit me just under my eye!
  11. Man i have a story to tell about stinging incects.

    About a 2 month ago in that really really cold period, i was riding to work along Burke Road, in the real busy bit where all the shops are. Was splitting the traffic along the inside lane next to the parked cars when i feel my back start to sting near my lower spine. didnt think too much of it. Then i felt another, then another, then another. I was in so much pain. i was trying to look for somewhere to pull up so i would not get hit from behind. Could hardly see as my eyes were watering so hard from the pain. I kept getting stung, with whatever it was moving down to my ass and legs. I pulled over, jumped off the bike, ripped of my jackets, gloves, helmet, jumper, shirt and singlet, shoes, and pants.

    Here i was, standing in the bitter cold in just my socks and boxers on Burke street at 8:30 in the morning with a pile of bike gear around me, with me swearing my head off and swiping my back. Looked like a damn fool. Worst part was i never go to see what it was. i wanted to squash whatever it was so hard. Looked through all my gear but saw anything.

    An ambulance that was going past stopped luckily as they saw this bike, with a guys next to it with no gear on jumping around like a loser. They had a cream which they put on which soothed the pain nicely. They said it would have been a hornet or a wasp as a bee can really only sting once, or twice if it is lucky. i was stung 15 times.

    Ended up getting to work though, and got in trouble for opening the shop late. Worst bike ride ever. I dont know how it got in, but it let me know in a big way that it was and wanted out.

    Edited for spelling...
  12. :LOL:

    And Skurfer, that's bloody hilarious too!! Well, for me it is... :grin:

    I've had a wasp get into my jacket last month as I was tearing down Mountain Highway from Sassafras. Felt the impact in the neck, then the little feller crawling around under my shirt. He didn't bite til I pulled over and tried to help him out into fresh air.

    That Huntsman-in-the-helmet story is going to give me nightmares...
  13. I've been hit in the eye (and eye socket for that matter) by a bat; does that count?
  14. I'm going to have nightmares for sure! I haven't been hit/bitten yet. I always have my visa down, but I know my neck is often vulnerable.

    LMAO Skurfer - horrible to experience, but hilarious imagery! One of those stories that's funny when it's someone else.
  15. Sure have, pulled over so fast I nearly crashed. Nearly took an ear off I had the helmet off so quick.
  16. i had baby spiders in one of my old helmets once. i found out when i out it on and started feeling stuff in my hair. now i keep my helmet inside.

    i get hit by various bugs and dirt and stuff as i occasionalyl wear my visor up.

    one time in the front passenger seat of a mates car something got into my shirt and under my singlet and started biting the crap out of my upper torso, sam thing as with skurfer i jusmped out and stripped off ( top half only though ) and never found what it was. copped around 6-8 bits on my stomach and lower back. very painfull.
  17. ive had spiders crawl over my gloves, huge bugs splatter across visor,crunchy christmas beatles in my teeth sindering cig buts down my jacket..

    riding is just so much more fun.
  18. got a bee in my helmet when riding down parkes way one summer day.
    i am allergic to bee's, i dont get anaphylaxis but extreme 'elephant-man' type swelling.
    i have never been soooo nervous emergency stopping to get my helmet off.
    he rested right behind my ear and didnt even sting me....
    Thanks little Mr dead Bee :grin:
  19. Pffft welcome to the joys of riding

    :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Had a mate back in NZ who was riding squid during the height of summer (wearing a pair of baggy boardshorts). While on the freeway at around 100kms he had a wasp fly straight up the leg of his trou and proceed to sting him wildly. Being on a freeway in traffic prevented him from pulling over immediately so by the time he was able to slow down and stop the wasp had really opened up a can of woop-arse in places you really don't want any insect, let alone an angry wasp, to go!

    Probably a good argument against going squid I'd say!