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Becoming your parents ?? a question for all ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scorpious31, May 25, 2007.

  1. Hmmm I think I am becoming my parents or a wowser or something like that as I age.

    My son and daughter wanted some albums,in particular Akon and Pink.

    I got them and listened to them myself first and found there is quite a lot of swearing and listening to the lyrics the content I thought wasnt fit for a 10 year old girl and 12 year old boy.

    There is talk of "******s" and "Crime" of various sorts on Akons album.
    There is talk of "pleasuring yourself" ect on Pinks album.

    My question is this.... Should we just give them the music as thats the way of the world now and a lot of musicians have this content in their music or should we say to them that the content isnt what we want them to listen too and find something else a little more soft so to speak??

    Do you think as you age, (those that have kids in particular but not necessarily only them) your thoughts of things that they should hear /see and do have become your parents or have softened somewhat to when you where younger.??
  2. whoa, here comes 30 pages!!!!!

    Mate, popular music today is definitely trashy and immoral compared with, say, 40 years ago (Beatles, Elvis, etc). I applaud your decision to take a stand as far as your children are concerned, even if they DO have other means of hearing the stuff.

    Of course these sewer-minded and mouthed so-called singers will say that they are not shaping the tastes of their hearers, merely reflecting them, to which I say 'yeah, right!!!!!!' Not content with having THEIR minds in the gutter, they want to drag a generation's minds into the gutter with them.
  3. i had the same concern when hip hop came out. my parents hated techno which i love, now i hate hip hop.

    the music industry is getting much worse over time. these days you get naked woman in film clips singing about how hot they are.

    thats NOT ok.

    swearing is ok when they're teenagers.

    this world is getting trashier.

    you know, there are girls at DCM in sydney who do a couple o lines of coke, find a guy and suck him off.

    i bet your mother didn't do that. my mother was nothing like that. look at what is happening to us, and the generation under the 'sex and the city' generation.

    we're down the toilet dude
  4. Considering the TITLE of one of the new Akon songs is "I Wanna F*&% You", which is pretty much repeated over and over in what passes for a chorus these days: you might be forgiven for thinking this kind of thing is inappropriate.

    Of course, you must also consider what the artist's themselves represent; I mean Pink is actually an animal rights advocate for PETA... so any song referring to masturbation could simply be a compliant response to rational people's request for her to "go screw herself" ^_^

    In short: it depends how much you think your kids will be influenced by the music.

    If a lot: then they maybe shouldn't be listening to it.

    If not much/at all: don't buy anything for them, give them a couple of bucks pocket money, or let them earn cash doing jobs and chores and let them spend their money on whatever they want.
  5. I am in two minds about it.

    I thoroughly agree that each generation is trashier and ruder than the next and that worries me, especially with a child due in a couple of months - its not just a hypothetical "what would I do" anymore. With that in mind, I would absolutely ban some of the music that shows up on albums - its not even that much better when its "censored" on the radio cos let's be honest, we all know what those words are.

    On the other hand, they're hearing and seeing much worse things in the playground these days - I think it's just as likely to be movies/tv and parental/carer influences that are causing the general feralness. Having said that, maybe it's circular - music/movies/tv gets it into playgrounds and then it's fueled by the kids generally being rougher and wanting to listen to those kinds of music.

    *sigh* it's all too hard. Yes, they're different kids than they were a couple of generations ago but you can't deny them music even all that's out there is bad :(
  6. Well I grew up with the old country music like Highway men, Johnney Horton ect as well as Kevin bloody wilson, col elliot, chad morgan ect and very rarely has anyone in my family use those type of words.

    As long as you can talk to your kids and explain to them its ok to listen but its not on to act like that and they listen to you then all sould be well.
  7. as an ex rapper and with a few mates signed.... there is swearing, vulgarity etc etc, but usually to emphasise a point. i swear a lot in general, but used in music frequently is the time when it is a lack of vocabulary.

    in the 60s, 70s whatever... well, music was considered rude/shocking/dangerous, when it described events that most people did, or knew about.

    my personal opinion is that music today is terrible. i've gone from a musician, (few instruments), to someone who hardly listens to the radio. rock has gone to chords, not killer riffs!!! i hate that punky emo crap that goes, (chord progression) chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge CHORUS CHORUS CHORUS CHORUS with someone who sounds terrible live.

    i really wish i'd finished and produced my song about the terrible state in which hip hop goes. yes in any genre you can use swearing, drugs, sex or violence as your point of reference... but to be honest, well in terms of Akon etc etc.... gangsta rap/rnb should have died in the early 90s where it came from. It became popular because it had different (west coast) beats and different production styles.

    With the internet and the world we live in, we know that there is someone out there worse than us, and who will do anything for money, or is badder than most.

    Why remind us???

    Hip hop that becomes commercially succesful is often repetetive(spelt that wrong), and lacks style and substance. Underground lacks quality production more often than not.

    I wish musicians in general would realise that the world isn't as naive as it once was. People root, people shoot, people punch on, see boobs and sell drugs. Why remind us of something that you never really did.

    Hip hop - I want substance in those lyrics
    Rock - bring back the riffs bitches BRING BACK THE RIFFS

    There are 4 notes/chords that make you instantly know that smoke on the water is that song. not my favourite riff but by god, bring tough simplicity back to rock. stop with this chord progressive emo poo poo.

    and the techas people...... christ at least make your TB404 synthesisers sound slightly different would ya!!!!
  8. Hmmm I wonder if anyone remembers the Skyhooks songs from the 70's.

    How about these for song titles...

    "Why don't you all get fcuked!"

    "Motorcycle biatch"


    "You just like me coz I'm good in bed"

    Are they really that different to what is being written in songs now?

    *admits to being a big skyhooks fan a long time ago* :LOL:
  9. My modern music tastes are......

    The Doors, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Yes.......

    Oh.. did you say modern?

    When you have the media holding up some rich, trashy, skanky, slut who's been f*cked by experts on video, and releasing "music" to a younger generation who actually thinks she's "cool", you have a serious degradation of the moral fibre of our society. If music, like most art is truly a reflection of the reality in which we live, shouldn't we be looking at fixing the real problem?
    "******" is a derogatory term, but even afro-americans seem to have no problem calling themselves that now, as though it's a badge of honour and not an insult.

    I'm not suggestion a return to the Glen Miller Big Band and Perry Como (not that there's anything wrong with that) but, a bit of judicious parental censorship never goes astray.
    I sure as hell give albums a "once over" before letting my kids buy them.
  10. Classic rolling stones song .

    "Star f@#cker!!! ":LOL: :LOL:

    I think that's about all the lyrics consisted of!

    Get a haircut and get a job ya long haired git!!!
  11. yeah. Bring back Nashos
  12. IIRC, "smut" was a song about using a pack of Twisties to wank in the cinema.

    Oh yes, things were squeaky-clean in the good old days. :roll:
  13. The Beatles ....... Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (a little obvious)
    ......................... Get Back (huge hit but also a very racist song)

    All i can say is bring back PUNK
  14. I say good luck cause no matter what we sensor as parents unfortunately these kids of this generation will get hold of it one way or another. I admire you for trying but in realism it costs mayb $1 to have a friend burn the music onto a CD for them so they will end up having access to it and I think even though we may not like what our kids are doing, me as a parent would still far prefer to know they are doing it than not know and also by doing this hopefully be able to gain that trust relationship with our kids so as they dont obtain these things in an illegal way. Just my opinion but hope it helps :)
  15. I think as long as parents do have control and the final say over what their kids listen to, and as long as the parents are confident that their kids understand that it is just music/just entertainment and that it is not real life, then fine. Hard call either way to me. You might stop it at home, but there's school, the 'net, friends...

    Do I think they should be listening to it? See above. Do I like modern music? No, never have much, profanity, posing or otherwise.

    And for the record, Little Richard's original lyrics to 'Tutti Fruiti' were not what ended up on the final cut. Neither were Elvis Presley's version of 'Shake, Rattle and Roll', nor a 30's blues song by Lucille Bogan called 'Shave 'Em Dry' - this kind of thing has been around for years. I simply think that the bar of tolerance has been raised by availability, sheer exposure and the subsequent acceptance of it into the modern vernacular.

  16. Ok so what's the equivalent nightspot in brisbane?

    Or is that just your friends D Stump?
  17. you'll probably find it's considered ok by them when it's an in-house kinda thing - if someone of any other background used it, it would be derogatory. Probably the same as "queer" for gay guys *shrug* Don't get it personally .. either you want to be called it or you don't.
  18. that's the kinda thing that gets to me .. gone are the days that your kids could sit and watch tv at 7pm with very little risk of them hearing a swear word. If the only restrictions at that time of day are words that start with F or C, then we've arrived at a sad place.
  19. **You need to do your best to shield your kids from some of the trash that gets passed off as music, but I agree it's almost impossible. If I give in and allow the kids to buy a CD, it doesn't mean I particularly approve... it can just mean they caught me at a weak (or naive) moment. But kids can take it as acceptance by the parent. Acceptance of the music, the language, the whole deal, when this isn't necessarily the case.

    If you refuse to buy them a particular CD or let them download a particular song and they go out and hear it over and over on some other kid's ipod or whatever, at least you know that the 'exposure' wasn't your doing and they then have the knowledge that it isn't something that you, as a parent, approve of.

    Having said that, I know that I tend to be a whole lot more lenient than my parents ever were... I don't think that's a bad thing though. I definitely have a whole lotta lines drawn in the sand that my kids won't be crossing any time soon (I hope) :?

    **Mega post: sorry :oops: :)