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Becoming a netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mitch Lowther, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm yet to even get my licence, I have the L's beginner day or whatever it is here in NSW booked in for the following two fridays.
    I've wanted to get a bike for a while but have only just recently started looking seriously at it.

    I've decided to start out on LAMS i'll be going for a Ninja 300 - just seem to be a fair few around and not too expensive, with a bit of power at least? hopefully.
    I've just started looking into all the gear and am a bit overwhelmed with all the options and not really sure what is just marketing hype and what to get?
    Hopefully once i'm set up I could come out for a ride and catch up with a few of you and start getting into the community a bit :D
    Look forward to seeing you around!


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  2. welcome aboard :] starting with a LAMS is a good choice :]
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  3. Welcome Mitch, There is a wide range of motorcycle gear from cheap to sheep station prices. Helmet, Jacket and Boots. Textile jacket is probably the most versatile for starting out. Kevlar Jeans will give you some protection in a slide. Wet weather overpants to combat the Sydney weather.

  4. Welcome. You have no choice but to start on LAMS.
    When you get a bike, come for a ride. Also look for the MOST practice sessions at Homebush each Saturday.
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  5. Welcome to the forum!
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    Thanks for that cjvfrcjvfr - that's what the guys at mcas told me about the kevlar jeans and over pants also, so looks like i'll be doing that :)

    Definitely will TWEETTWEET - i'll need all the help i can get and would be good to meet a few new people :D

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
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  7. Welcome to the two wheeled family :)
  8. New rider + LAMS + Ninja 300.......

    You'll fit right in.
  9. Welcome mate
  10. G'day Mitch, you can relax as you're in good hands on this site
  11. I spent countless hours on gumtree and eBay looking for bargains, trying to save $50 here and there and getting to know what I wanted. I saw sydney City Motorcycles had a sale and went, managed to pickup a shark speed-r helmet, Rynus jacket (weatherproof) and Berik boots all for just over $700 :)

    I'm really happy with everything so far, except the boots are waaay too tight - normally a size 42, these are a 43 and I think I need a minimum 44/45.
    Would post pics but it appears I can't :(

    Now just need a bike
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  12. Not yet. you will have to wait until your account upgrades to Member status. Keep posting and that and other parts of the site will open up gradually. Glad you have your gear sorted, do you have an idea on the style of bike you are after?
  13. Welcome to NR...
  14. With a yoshi.....

    G'day mate
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  15. Howdy and welcome :) Good luck with getting your L's!
  16. Hahaha cheers mate :)

    Makes perfect sense.

    Also got a drop in aplinestars KR-1 back protector. not the wrap around one, just the insert - pretty tough.
    anyways, i have the final l's day and theory test this friday, if i pass then this weekend for finding the bike :D can't wait
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  18. Hello and good luck with the L's :D
  19. I went to Mars leathers in Melb Cbd. Bought everything I needed in 1 hour.
  20. Howdy Mitch & Welcome to NR!