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Becoming a motorcycle dealer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by YammyBase, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    It's a bold claim I know but I am looking into becoming a motorcycle dealer in the future.
    Possibly in Sydney area.

    I'm currently working as an architect and I think its about a point in my life where things change. I'd start small and hopefully grow from there.

    As a complete beginner I simply ask..

    Whats involved? and where do I start??

    Any comments would be appreciated Thanks all.
  2. You'll need a motor vehicle dealers license for starters :)
  3. Yup. So after getting the license, what then? where do I buy the motorcycles, I would like to concentrate on 2nd hand bikes..
  4. To be brutally honest, if you have to ask that question here I'd stick to being an architect. But since you've asked, you will need a stack of money, a premises, a dealers license and one or more brands to sell. Even with all that in place you will probably still fail as many, even well established dealers, have.
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  5. I sort of get what he is saying though, not many good dealers left let alone ones that actually have staff who know what they are talking about and care about the customers.
  6. yup you are right, but I thought I'd ask anyway... You never know if you don't ask right?

    so, what do you mean by "one or more brand to sell.." ,,
    why can't I just sell all brand? I'm also looking into selling 2nd hand as well. like those 2nd hand car yards..
  7. Franchises etc, Ducati for example might not want BMW being sold in the same showroom etc etc etc. Second hand you'll need access to a wholesaler or be prepared mechanically to buy stuff needing tlc and fixing them up. It's no small task.
  8. Well you would 2nd hand from auctions and as above, wholesalers.

    Why not start small? Buy a couple of bikes and see if you can turn them into a profit, you will soon know if it's for you.
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  9. Cheers, I have worked as a private car sales back home and used to restore classic cars from ground up and build cars too.. So yea.. I know a little..

    Could you please name couple auctions and wholesalers?? Sorry to bombard with all the questions.

    If I were to start small, does anyone know whats the maximum number of motorcycles I can deal without a proper license? (of cause I will get the license if I get serious..)
  10. In SA I believe it is 5 motor vehicles in a 12 month period but I could be wrong.
  11. I'm in NSW heee haaaa!
  12. profit.
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  15. Interesting idea/concept.

    If you've dealt with cars, then you have a fair idea behind the concept.

    But as others have said before, you need to know about motorbikes or hire someone who does.

    You can buy old bikes etc, fix them up and resell them. Sounds easy on paper though.

    Best of luck if you go ahead and let us know how it's going. Maybe a bikers cafe along with second hand bikes is not a bad idea after all.

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  17. And don't forget:

    55558701. n
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  18. Perhaps it would be worth finding a partner who has strength which cover your weaknesses, preferably coming from somewhere in the industry? Doesn't have to be an official business partner kinda deal, just someone you can work with who'll help you keep on top of the things you don't even know you don't know.

    Also, do not expect any new business to make a profit any time soon; unless you luck out, it is likely to take months to get the word out, build up a customer base, get a reputation, etcetera. All the while you'll have to pour lots of money into it just to keep the lights on... you'll need plenty of capital and you'll get into debt (unless you're way rich).

    Then there's the matter of what it takes to be make it successful... which is, in large part, dependant on location. If possible, you need to find a need that isn't being met, otherwise you're competing with established players on their own ground for the same customers.
  19. Thanks for that ill remember this cheers.

    Buy my questions still unanswered.. how many bikes / cars is one allowed to deal without licence in NSW.. anyone? I don't want to do anything illegal!
  20. (Bearing in mind that I have no relevant experience or qualifications; what I say here is just based on what I've absorbed over the years)