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Becker-Technik motorcycle stand

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by gogoplata, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. #1 gogoplata, Jan 16, 2011
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    I wanted an easy to use for one person stand to do general bike maintenance and found it in Becker-Technik's motorcycle lifter. Cost me $210 delivered from Winfried the Australian partner, you can contact him at: http://www.beckerenterprises.com/. It is a swing-arm pivot stand, which is easier to operate than a paddock stand imo. It is really simple to lift and put down by one person alone without much strength.

    I was a bit scared lowering it the first time, but the bottom tube acts as a stabilizer so the bike is very stable to lower with one person. You can also tie the rear of the bike down so it lifts both wheels off. It is quite stable, have accidentally knocked the bike a few times and it didn't budge but I would not sit on it. Rated for about 250kg's I believe.

    Design is pretty simple, a lever system attached to the swing arm pivot via sockets. Materials look strong, moreso than a paddock stand. abba and Anderson also make similar swing-arm pivot stands but they cost a bit more so I went with Becker's instead. The abba one also looks pretty whimpy size wise so I was abit afraid of that too. Winfried was great to deal with and I'm quite happy with the product. They have one with casters so you actually roll the bike around for storage or for fun. They got a youtube video at: [URL="]
    [/URL] Rate it a 9/10.
  2. is it mainly designed to work on your bike or are you referring it to just lifting your bike off.
    i can see it is a good investment etc...might look at that. Im looking at getting a table to work on as well, but then a table doesnt lift the bike off, so can see uses and simpler as well..might look into it, cheers for posting!
  3. to work on the bike, lubing chain, oil change etc. just easier and safer to get rear wheel up with one person than a paddock stand imo with the added benefit of lifting the front as well.