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Because Geordielass wanted it - Baby gambling!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by sith jester, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Here you go, a thread to guess the date/time/weight of the next addition to the Sith Jester household.

    Here are your hints;
    Due in the next 3 weeks,
    Both siblings were within a few ounces of seven pounds each
    Both born in the morning.

    Whoever guesses right will get ... uhm... glory unbounding!

    Entries must be in the format of date-time-weight
    Date format DD/MM
    Time will be in 24hr to prevent confusion
    Weight in kg

  2. Lmao... :LOL:

    Ok, bring it on...

    I'm gonna go for 13/02/2007
    Time 03.45
    Weight 7lb 4oz

    Oops - just re-read instuctions - in kg 3.357 :oops:

    I may have multiple guesses along the way if thats ok :grin: :grin:
  3. 16th Feb
    7lb 3oz

    Will look like me.

    I was a postman 8.5 months ago :p

    Not really :)
  4. But you do ride a postie don't you Vic?

    15th Feb
    0500 HRS
    10lb ouch :shock:
  5. I'll take:

  6. Matti-san : if you are right my wife will kill you, then me, then anyone else who dares breathe in her direction :p
  7. Yeah my missus has had 4 babies the smallest 10lb even :shock:

    She was not happy jan :furious:
  8. Hmmmm........ Im gunna guess

    19 Feb
    2022 hours
    7lb 6oz
  9. 22/02

    What's the prize?? It'd better be naming rights!!! :LOL:
  10. I don't care about time, date or wieght, just that mum and baby do okay.

    I also hope that it is as dashingly good looking and witty as her legend like Uncles.
  11. That goes without saying, I'm sure mother and baby will be the healthiest duo in the hospital and sith will be the proudest father and you and glenn will compete for proudest uncle - but come on...you have a bit of an inside track...whaddya reckon :grin:
  12. 13th February
    6lb 12oz
  13. So you understand why some women smoke during pregnancy then?
  14. No... No... and No! :evil: ...

  15. 14th February, (Valentine's Day so no-one can forget it!)
    7lb 4oz
  16. 20th Feb
    hmmmmm bout 7.5lbs... i dunno what's that 3.75ish kgs???

    that'd be my guess.
  17. Convert pounds pretty darn closely to kilograms by taking away 10% and then halving what's left.

    Ie 10pounds - 10% = 9pounds
    9lb / 2 = 4.5

    10lb = 4.5kg

    Or for a slightly more accurate conversion, use this.
  18. I'll play...

    14th Feb

    ...good luck!!
  19. Ok we are at expected D-Day minus 3. If anyone who has already had their gamble passed would like another poke at the delivery date/time, now is your second chance.
  20. Am I allowed to have another go, or is that cheating? :-k

    What if I stick with the same time and weight but change the date to 20th February? Will it still count? :wink:

    Good luck and hope everything goes smoothly and easily for you :grin: