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Because a man's got to have a project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ibast, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. ooooh that will be mint when it's done up!
  2. Looks like that will keep you busy.
  3. Yep. gotta figure out exactly what to do with it now.

    The natural lines say "cafe racer" and it's something I lusted after for many years.

    But more recently I've had "bobber" on the brain.
  4. Personally I like the idea of take apart into sections and work on a section at a time where posible.

    Helped one of my friends do it that way and seems to work well.

    Actually first thing... make sure that fridge is full of beer you will need it. Esp if you ask for help :p
  5. You mean like this?

  6. Will be there in 12 hours to help
  7. Ibast, you need to get together with Chairman... he loves projects and is a brewer as well...
  8. yeah I think there is a few brewers. Quite a few Engineers and lots of people that can't leave a bike alone.
  9. I'm assuming its a 400? That's gonna look really nice!

    What about a simple Stone look, and otherwise just make it like a new stockie? There's nothing so nice as seeing a stock 70s Japper gleaming and perfect as it cruises past.
  10. It's actually a 400 with a 440 engine.

    So the original route is out of the question, though I could do an original look. This however would be x'y and fiddly to do a maintian.
  11. Yeah, my sense of 'stock' is not the sort that wins prizes or...well, to be frank, that costs money! :) They're a pretty good-looking bike in roughly stock trim though, maybe paired down a little, with small indicators and mirrors etc....

    You could always do a flat-tracker look and put dual-purpose tyres on it and go pastoral....
  12. oo, I'd like to see that in the mould of the classic 70s Brit cafe racer. Dunstall-type tank, big double-disc front end on some fatter forks, solo seats, alloy rear-sets, polished motor 'n stuff ...

    pretty good at spending your money, aren't I :LOL:?
  13. Go the cafe racer option...............

  14. Goddam it, if you've got a bike from the 70s, and you want to do a project with it, everybody says 'cafe racer!'. (Shouts) There's more to the world than cafe racers!!

  15. There is ???? Ahhhhh yes....beer and cafe racers.
  16. Indeed! I'm a big fan of cafe racers, but my baby zed will be keeping its 'sit up and beg' ergonomics.

    I think it would make a nice bobber ibast, and whilst 200cc is really all I need, I can't help but be a little jealous!
  17. True, don't forget about rat bikes! That's my vote, rat the thing. :grin:
  18. +1

    and sir may i say well done for it not being another CB or SR

    need to see more kwaks and zooks out there
  19. #20 ibast, Jul 24, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    I'm still leaning toward the Cafe racer, because it would take so little on this bike.

    Still I've seen some "standard" BSAs and Triumph bikes from the 60s and 70s that were just tided up that quite float my boat.

    Like this one:

    I am after a project afterall

    Anyway I've got a couple of months to think about it. First thing is to build a shed, to get some of the junk out of my garage. then I'm going to build myself a bike lift, to get it level, jack it up and practice my welding.

    Then I've got a few months of site work.

    Then I'll see what floats my boat.

    Still I couldn't help myself last night. I polished that rusty mirror and pulled off the seat to get a better look.

    Now if I cut down that rear sub-frame, rotate the shocks . . . . . .