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Because a bussa just isnt powerful enough.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by booga, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. http://www.petespitstop.com.au/mods.html

    Middle of the page.... Turbo Stage 1 kit.... :shock:

    Well I think i need that to lane split properly...
  2. very interesting that he has turbo kit for a gixer 600
    i think i might be looking more to this guys website lol
    ill be happy if i get more HP from my bike lol
  3. i dunno boys hehehe the zxr 250 has alot of horse power! certainly goes faster than ur everday horse racing horse :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. :? I only see the busa and gixxer thou???? Wherew is the 600??

    EDIT: Don't worry i found it...... :oops:
  5. Top guy Pete is..

    Will be taking my bikes there from no one to do all my work

    Hes done a sh*t load of work on my mates Busa..
  6. :shock: Up to 300bhp - wonder how well the rear tyre would cope with that. I still like the twin-turbo ZZR-1100 better.
  7. Pete used to soley look after my old Busa and he always did the best job. Never fed me crap and was always fair priced and good for logical advice, regardless of the topic, fast bits, faster bits, women, women who ride to fast etc.

    Above all he's a top bloke and always looking for a stable faster bike mod :)

    I thought his NOS Busa was quick.... Only faith kept the front wheel down in 4th...

    Last year Pete told me his Turbo Busa one is beefiest Busa he's done Yet!

    He also does number plate lifter kits... he'd probably need too... :LOL:

    God bless him :p
  8. Bro, thats not something that should be broadcasted IMHO :shock:

    At the end of the day, if anyone here asks him to do it, guess what he'll
    say to that person..

    "NO. Sorry, cant help you. I dont do such things"
  9. I plan to build a turbo busa later on and do top speed runs on a track :)
  10. or Gladston Rd :LOL:
  11. Does Pete also do regular services or is it just all modifications and EFI work? Also is this Pete the Pom who's running this place (yes I know there might just be more than one mechanic named Pete in the world but from memory his ad had him as a EFI specialist and last I heard he wasn't servicing bikes from home anymore as he was starting something new)?

    Narre Warren's a bastard to get to but it'll be worth it for a reliable mechanic - so far it seems to be all good news.

  12. "Not Pete the Pom" and i get regular work done by him , even the odd tyre change, he has a dyno and has a background in EFI, so really knows his stuff.

  13. That's awesome. Does the guy do work any work on Kwaka's?
  14. i beleave he works on anything, but has a passion for Busa's , he has 2 of them and one has Nitros under the seat, actually his # plate is NOS

    Cheers ratty

  15. Last time I looked I had a Kawaka :LOL:
  16. Yeppers.. but worth the trip Rodger... unless U know someone else
    in ur area :wink:
  17. This guy must rip up some tyres.
    How on earth would you control 300Hp. :?
  18. #CAS#

    :shock: Doesn't that big air filter poking out the left side dramatically reduce you cornering ability?

    Or is this Busa just a straight line drag bike now?

    If I had've turbo'ed my old busa, I would've wanted it concealed as possible.

    Do you use this Busa on the road :?: