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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-----Ugly bikes????

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Came across this site and the americans obviously only think faired or cruisers are the only styles that are acceptable



    After careful consideration borne of spending every free moment on a motorcycle saddle since May of 1970, and with the power vested in me by me, I hereby declare the ten ugliest motorcycles ever to disgrace the roads of our world.

    Number 10: Honda CB400F. Honda destroyed the jewel-like CB350 Four after just one year of production and replaced it with this square-edged faux racer junkpile. The exhaust pipes set a new low in idiotic styling and the rest of it is so undescript that it barely even registers. Ride it for two hours and you'll have holes in your legs where those saddle rivets are.

    Number 9: Suzuki SV1000. How to take a phenomenal motor and bury it inside angular and completely pointless styling. Is that bottom scoop designed to plough a path for the rear wheel in snow?

    Number 8: Yamaha Roadliner: Ugly is as ugly does. If you look carefully at the trailing curve of the front fender, you'll think it's an optical illusion. The Art Deco overlay on this bike is like styling a minivan inspired by Michael Keaton's Batmobile. can someone please tell me what those triple lines are doing around the frame neck?

    Number 7: Kawasaki KZ1300. Design a great six cylinder inline engine, make sure no one can see the beautiful cascading pipes by hiding them behind a Ford F350 radiator, then hide the rest of it beneath a tank that is shaped like the seated rear end of an obese man. Mix with square headlight and instrument panel and a tail section from a Suzuki GS. Mix and puke.

    Number 6: Triumph Rocket 3. I'm all for innovative styling but this monster just looks like it's an engineering mule. the other side of the bike at least has some visual interest with the three inline cylinders. This side is just cobbled together with shapes that don't fit and curves that don't jibe. Maybe they should have made the already huge picture frame radiator larger and hid the whole bike.

    Number 5: BSA Rocket 3. The original Rocket 3 is even uglier than its bastard offspring. Obviously designed by Gerry Anderson for use in his futuristic puppet shows, it's hard to believe that this same basic bike was marketed as the Triumph Trident which had Bonneville-styled good looks.

    Number 4: Honda Rune. The price of a custom-built cruiser without any of the style. The designers of this long, low, bulky battleship may have thought they were setting new styling trends, but all they did was forge a joke. The fenders should have been put back on the 1929 Reo Flatbed where they came from and the exhaust pipe should have had a guard to keep cats from crawling in there and going to sleep.

    Number 3: Honda V45 Magna. Admittedly it was close when placed up against the Suzuki Madura (aaargh!) but the Honda won the battle since it has even more tacked on pipes, bars, slabs and pointless doohickeys than the Manure-a.

    Number 2: KTM 690. There simply is no excuse for this sort of design. The may seen as some sort of trendsetting supermotard design, but all it does is just uglify a market segment that is already producing the ugliest bikes around. Maybe the proboscis should be made out of metal so that it can impale pedestrians who get in the way.

    The Number 1 Ugliest Motorcycle of All Time: Buell Lightning. How to take a perfectly wonderful Sportster motor and wrap it inside a train wreck. The whole bike looks like it's sitting in a scrap yard after an 80 mph head on collision with an Amtrak. There are no words to describe the profound repulsive hideousness of this... thing!


    Defend your bike's integrity!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  2. the Rune spins me out !!

    There is one for sale in JustBikes.

    Apparently only 10 in Aust !

  3. I dunno, he has some points. Seems to me though he just set out to attack some benchmark bike designs.
    Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the current "Transformers" styling on bikes, and hope it goes away soon to a more organic, flowing, whole bike designed as one.
    Current bikes look like someone designed the rear hugger/taillights, someone else sidecovers/ seat, another committe tank/fairings etc.

    Regards, Andrew.
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  5. I have just had thought( I know, it's lonely in there)........no BMW on the list at all????

    Go figure!!!

    Some BMW's are nice looking bikes, but some are a designers vomit :LOL:
  6. I always had a soft spot for these

    Not sure if they are ugly or just extremely strange

  7. ahhh so that waht that was theres 1 of them thats resides in Brissyland

    is red/black colour scheme

    saw it down at south bank at Kangaroo point cliffs acouple of weekends back at a BBQ.

    Is freaking hawt.


    the Buell xb9s lighting is a damn sexc bike love the look of them
  8. There is only 10 Honda Runes in Australia for good reason!
  9. No mention of the V-Strom! Wonders will never cease!!! :LOL:
  10. The TDM900 mustn't be sold in the US I take it - that definitely deserves a place in any "ugliest bike" list (preferably in 1st place).
  11. The Yanks have put together some pretty ugly cages so the list is rather funny.

    Ride what you love and love what you ride and dont give a sh!t what others say about it.

    Wow. I love the stylings of the new rocket 3, its different in a good way.

    Must be eye of the beholder, I also like the SV1000. He also seems biased against motards/trial bikes.
  13. I was thinking the same thing :LOL: :LOL:
  14. I'm an ugly bike lover. In fact, not only ugly but bland-looking. If you look like a grandpa, you're that much less likely to get collared.
  15. I mean, how can you not love the V-Strom!
    66-CradleMountain. 8-[

  16. Ahhh, the world of stealth that I love! Might start calling my bike the Q ship! :LOL:
    I wouldn't call the GTR ugly either, but plain as you say.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. It IS a subjective list, but how anyone could have the fabulous Honda 400/4 on an ugly list says more about him than the bike. In an era of boring fours, that snake-pit exhaust system and the cafe-racer style ensured that the Big Boot sold thousands of them. (And check out the new '07 Hornet for Honda's re-visiting of the 400/4 exhaust headers :wink:).

    And the Z1300?? It was big and in your face, but it was never ugly.

    Some of the modern bacon-and-eggs styled stuff IS UGLY- curved lines mixed with straight, headlights that look like leftover placenta, jeez I don't reckon there's much scope to criticise bikes from the past :roll:.

    Who wants to make a list of the PRETTIEST bikes of all time??
  18. Not the ugliest bikes of all time, it seems he's merely set out to challenge bikes that were seen as revolutionary styling in their day.

    There are definetly uglier bikes

    I don't see how the buell lightning is any worse than the rest of the range (which I quite like)
    Can't argue with the KTM690 though.
  19. Shit. The Lambo's back again!!!!!
    Hide :LOL:
  20. [​IMG]

    I know. Don't say it. :LOL: