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Beautiful Day in the Dandenongs - a first timer!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dazza139, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. What a fantastic day today! Only got my learners one week ago and then my VTR 250 on Wednesday. I had already clocked up 200 km of CBD travel but today the weather looked fine and I thought why not? Took my bike on the Eastern Freeway - 1st time in fast traffic and with a bit of wind gust! A litttle scarey but great fun. Then from Ringwood to The Dandenongs via the Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd. I thoroughly recommend it. Nice easy corners and there wasn't much traffic. Back home via the Eastern Freeway! Absolutely Fantastic! Why didn't I do this sooner? :grin:

  2. Well done on ticking off your first "ride".
    Hope there is plenty more for you.

    Cant wait to get back on myself :oops:
  3. Welcome to the world of 2 wheels :biker:
    I also was late in getting my learners ( 46 yo ) .. and keep asking myself the exact same thing ... "Why didn't I do this sooner?" :facepalm:
  4. Well done! I've been going everywhere since I bought my bike. I got my full license today after 3 months and 1 week! You should try riding to warrandyte - not as far away from the CBD as mt dandenong. mt pleasant rd is not bad, a couple of hairpins on that road!
  5. and i thought the dandenongs were my secret :shock:
    well done, stay safe
  6. Luxury!

    I have just returned to riding after a 20 year break.

    The Dandenongs are in my backyard. It is so easy to go out for a little bit of mountain therapy.

    But beware of the tin-toppers who are also out for a fang through the curves.

    A few times now I have had one clown or another right up on my back wheel who thinks I am spoiling his "rally" run. There a very few places a car can pass. It is a judgment call for riders; claim your lane and appear to "ignore" the fool, clap on a bit of speed or pull off and let the dill go by.
  7. I cant wait to get a bike coz the dandys is on th top of my list.
    me and my mate both cant wait to do that ride.
    I've been passanger when i was younger but now i can be incontrol of those nice corners and fresh air.
  8. I know how you feel, Mt Dandy tourist road was one of my first rides on my Ls too. Great fun and try to cover it most weekends - it helps that it's in my backyard too :)
  9. Thanks dazza139, your post inspired me to make my first mountain ride the D'nong Tourist Rd. Up at 7.30am on a sunny Sat morning, I sped down the Eastern Freeway from Fitzroy (also my first over 80kmph) and made my way to the top of the Dandenongs, stopping in at the top for a coffee.

    What a beautiful area to ride, both exhilarating and therapeutic! I can honestly say that it was one of the best weekend experiences I have had, and I now have a very good reason to not stay out late on Friday nights!

  10. Well done!! Just got my L's only three weeks ago and have clocked up 2045kms about 1040 aweek. I'm still kincking myself for not getting it sooner. Anyway well done and keep riding.
  11. Well done :) My turn next, just got my learners today, but just gotta decide on bike or scooter, and then I can ride too.

    My first trip will be straight onto the Warburton Highway, only decision is left towards Reefton or Right towards Launcing Place...hee hee since I live on the highway.

    Have fun...I intend to :grin:

    The Hills are beautiful in a car...... can only be magnificent on a bike.

    Oh I'm a late starter too.....41...guess we are all doing the mid-life crisis thing :LOL:

  12. Glad you enjoyed the Dandenongs as well.

    I still remember what a fantastic day I had.

    It's amazing how quickly your riding improves too! When I think back to that post I was pretty scratchy at best. Since then I've been on a few other trips - Warrandyte, Healesville, and yes - even the Black Spur. I can't say I found the Black Spur a pleasurable experience with my current skill level! Stay safe and don't over stretch yourself!

  13. Helps to live in the hills, just be sure to watch out for wildlife and not go too hot if you don't know the road. Very little in the way of runoff areas, and past olinda (towards kalorama) the tourist road is just shyte, crappy surface. Have personally assisted in about half a dozen accidents on my side, and driven past/heard about dozens others, including a rider who wiped out on mountain highway down the bottom (fast) section. His bike split in half. Rip.

    However, I much prefer mountain highway. Start at mountain highway, head transversely across the mountain, (via the slippery but picturesque back roads) to kallista, out via selby to gembrook, launching place road, and you're at the foothills of the black spur.

    Coffee is good at skyhigh, but there is an even better spot near the botton of the skyhigh turnoff if you're just after the view (and no admission fees)