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Beautiful Canyon Riding

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by ~Samuel~, May 26, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, i hope this is not a repost but these video are beautiful, as are a lot of this guys other videos. Check it out and enjoy =D>

  2. Re: the top video, the bike at the end (R6?) tyres' looks like slicks.
  3. love the music and presentation of the videos!

    just wicked!
  4. very artistic videos.
    and I do appreciate them for that.

    whenever i watch videos of road riding,
    i find myself critical of the safety aspects.

    the top video, titled "The Ride : Sunday 7/19/09",
    is a good example of how to make bad apex lines on public roads.
    although his wheels may not have crossed the lines,
    on (almost) every corner his body is over the line.

    that might be fine when there is no oncoming traffic,
    but as soon as vehicle comes from the opposite direction
    the rider will have to adjust the line.

    if noticing oncoming traffic occurs mid-corner,
    the adjustment has the potential to run them off the road.
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    For comparison - real fast riding on public roads looks like this.


    Actually, those asking about the use of the rear brake for other than just slowing down - watch and listen to Guy's commentary. He's using dabs of rear over the crests, and dragging it a little in places to help stabilise the bike, and he tells you where and when.
  6. They are Pirelli Superbike Pros, so yes a track slick.

    It seems that a lot of the guys really into Canyon racing/riding run them :-s
  7. hey kneedragon, love that vid...he rides nearly as fast as he talks!!!
    complete entertainment...
  8. As I understand, they're a fairly new tyre, fairly cheap, not the absolute last word in grip and pace, but at least as good as (or better than) any treaded street legal tyre, especially on hot days, faster tracks and abrasive surfaces. What they're good for is costing 2/3 of what a set of top road tyres cost, and lasting 3 track days or 5 or 6 meetings for beginner / amateur road racers. They're supposed to stand up to heat cycles well, the grip is supposed to be pretty consistent, but break-away is not as progressive as some (read not the most forgiving tyre) and I'm hearing conflicting things about the feel or feedback. Some people get it and some don't. I haven't tried them yet myself, but I probably will.