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Beaut bit of road rage today...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Corner Francis street and Williamstown road. I thought some cager had broken down do I stopped and asked if he needed a hand. He had a tyre iron in his hand so I guessed it was a flat. Traffic was going ballistic behind him. He said yeah, gimme a hand - then stormed over and smacked some bloke from the van in front of him over the head with the tyre iron like he f*cken meant it. Whack! Took a bloody good chunk of skin with it.

    The two blokes from the van grabbed a bunch of tie-downs and started swinging them like grappling hooks trying to nail the big guy with the tyre iron. The bloke who'd been beaned had a face full of blood like something from a horror movie. They were clearly shitscared of the big bloke.

    He took a few more swings, screaming at the top of his voice, then stepped back a bit. I told him he should probably get in his car and piss off, and he did.

    I must say, a proper bit of barney that. And probably because somebody didn't indicate early enough or something.
  2. Did you get it on Video?
  3. Nah, too busy trying to calm the big fella down. Remind me not to piss wogs off.
  4. crikey.

    and i thought me waving to someone barping behind me today at a red sign was hard-to-the-core.

    did you get his number?

    (and i don't mean for a date)
  5. you were still wearing helmet and full protective gear at the time i hope :LOL:
  6. How come dis chit always seems to happen to you Loz :-k should have showed yer ass and distracted them :butt:
  7. Well yeah, but that would be nothing but a disadvantage in a fight. As Borrie says, grab a bloke by the chinpiece and you can make his head go anywhere you want.
  8. I find it unbelievable that people can be that enraged that they can do that.

    If that guy had died from that blow. It would have been murder.
  9. I am currently trapped in a 5 day training session overseas with a bunch of people I would like to take a tyre iron to :)
  10. So did he have a flat tyre or what?
  11. wow, thats a 10/10 for road rage effort there!
  12. Good old Underbelly Melbourne ,there all like that arnt they. :p

    Sure glad i live here in safe Sydney where road rage is dealt with in a polite and civil fashion. :LOL:
  13. the better thing to remind yourself of is not to use the word "wog" full stop - You'd be suprised how offensive some people still find it.

    IMO If it's said in jest, I doubt many people would take offense. however, turn jest to an intent of malice and you'll certainly envoke an entirely different response. :wink:
  14. Hey we're not all bad! :p

    But yeh definitely can't trust the ones with tyre irons and roid...i mean road rage.
  15. So did you do the right thing and grab his # plate and report it? The more violent muppets off the road the better :!:
  16. Ah I can see the headlines now: "Biker involved in road rage incident" :roll: :LOL:
  17. The day I moved to Houston there was a road rage incident near where I lived. A guy cut a cyclist off, so when they were stopped at the lights the cyclist got off his bike, walked over to the car, shot the guy, then got back on his bike and rode off.

    That's road rage.
  18. That was kinda the joke.... Not to worry!
  19. Nup, there was about a zillion rubberneckers around, most of them on the phone to the cops. I've been in a few too many little blue notebooks lately, no desire to draw attention to myself.