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Beating the heat.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by typhoon, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. I know some of you guys have older faired bikes, and I know they can get plenty hot at low speeds and also at higher speeds, due to airflow not doing it's thing in certain parts of the fairings.
    Here's my cheap, and kind of cool looking solution:
    They are hardly noticeable when next to teh bike, and look fine from a distance. Of course, you could paint them to match too, but this was a proof of concept project, so I didn't.
    Made a decent difference, definitely worth doing. You'll note the headers are right behind the louvres, I was trying to get rid of heat from them, it flows back onto my feet and lower leg. A short half hour ride proved them to be effective. Still warm, but not ridiculously hot like before!

    Regards, Andrew.[/u]
  2. Good thoughts there. A fibreglass airduct would be the go.. You could be on to a winner here mate.
  3. Hot you say? Pfft! Have you ridden an early K series bike on a hot summers day?
  4. I guarantee the GTR will KILL any other bike in heat on a hot day!
    I have ridden a K bike, but wasn't too hot a day.
    I thought about a fibreglass duct, although I am thinking if this works, I'll knock something up out of foam, glue it to teh old fairing, glass it up and pop a mould off it. I think there'd be a market in the GTR communty.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Great job Typhoon :cool:

    So whilst this gets the air out, is it worthwhile putting extra ones on the front to get more cool air moving over the motor??
  6. now you got me thinking, my fully "closed" faired old girl concentrates all her heat to be expelled towards (or thereabouts) my nether regions. this is ok on cold days, but a little less than comfy on a hot day.
    nice idea andrew, if i come up with something for mine i whack it up in here :)
  7. The bike seems to get heaps of air in through the front opening and existing side intakes down low (just visible in picture). I think this is why it all blows back onto me. My idea was to try and provide a lower pressure area for the air to escape outside of the fairings, and have the airflow carry it away from me.
    Some bikes will definitely benefit from intakes to help the process along I'd say, but not the GTR.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Good idea. Also, If your handy with a hacksaw and flat file and rats tail file you could put the slots directly into the fairing and curving the ends of the slots (look neater), with out the need for a metal vent.

    Would look more like a factory fitment.
  9. So, both of you, then? :p
  10. So it's better than the K at something. :p
  11. :LOL:
    yeah, that, and cornering, accelerating, braking, load capacity, weather protection, ease and cost of maintenence, price and availability of parts and accesories............ :cheeky:

    Regards, Andrew.